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Lily Allen Comes For Katy Perry, Gaga, Beyonce In New Video "Sheezus"

British pop-lyricist Lily Allen's hotly anticipated "Sheezus" is not only poking fun at Kanye, it's coming for other marquee stars of the radio, too. 

Time reports:

Lily Allen’s upcoming album, Sheezus, might poke fun at Kanye West, but on the recently premiered title track, she turns her attention to another crop of royals: Lorde, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga don’t just get name-checked on “Sheezus” — Allen’s search-engine-optimized opinions of her pop-star peers make up the song’s entire hook. At first, the “Hard Out Here” singer doesn’t exactly sound like she’s full of praise (except for Lorde, who’s “about to slay you”), but listen closely — this is no diss track. If anything, Allen wants her ladies to unite in bringing their A-game: “Second best will never cut it for the divas / Give me that crown, bitch / I wanna be Sheezus.”

Heart or hate the single from the upcoming album of the same name? 


So much fun and satire and just plain fucking with you... I LOVE Lily!

So obvious she has joined illuminati !

I do admire Lily for her opinions and the way she express it without any hesitation. Her polemic way of expressing make you thinking about what's going on the media. Love it.

Catchy tune like it 

Lily Allen has been a big supporter of the LGBT community for a long long time - happy to see her and love this song.

She's not coming for them at all. She's bringing attention to the fact that the top female artists are in constant battle over the number one spot. For an opinion article, you fail to see the difference between literal and contextual.

The article and the comments do miss the point of the song.  Allen is making satire of the fact that as soon as a female artist mentions other female artists, it is presumed that the comments are negative.  In fact, nothing she says is.

I like it. I love Lilly Allen she is extremely talented.

this is stupid. 

Naw!! I dont think so! in back of the line please!!

Kinda dumb very MIA and coming for female artists was fun when pink and eminent used to do it much more fun songs than this 

true!! LOL

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