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Liquid Plumr Unveils Studly 2014 Calendar

In case you're looking for a more "respectable," "work-friendly," and "tasteful" calendar to put on your walls (we can't all get away with stripped down Orthodox priests, can we??), Liquid Plumr is offering up their studly alternative!

Sure, we wouldn't mind any of these gentlemen being in less clothes, but we also wouldn't shut the door if they stopped by to unclog the pipes, amirite?!?! 


Here are the individual studs for each month:

Which month would you like to jump on to? Jump to.

You can download the calendar for free here!


(H/T: Homorazzi


The Orchid W-chair is truly gorgeous. Its too nice. I think it can make a new charm in home.<a title="plumber wayne" href="">plumber wayne</a>

Hello! Aaron O'Connell!!


All of these guys are middle aged...ewww:(

I totally belong to Rusty Joiner! He is from Atlanta Georgia. He is adorable. A really cool guy. I can't help but love him! He is the one that steals this calendar show. Love me some Rusty baby. 

Rusty is still the hottest guy,. 

Well well well. I'll def do a mess in my drains if November and December are coming to help!!!!

One guy has 2 months each. Yumm i get to repeat! MARCH! My bday!!

I believe May, June and October are the same too.

Why are November and March the same person? Run out of hot models? I'll take Mr. March for sure.

NOVEMBER or either month with two guys

I'm for October :)

Can't we get a month with Jan and June together.....that would be my pick

November & December!!!!!! 

Uhhhh what happen to the orginal guys...there not on here....sad

October or may
I'll take two dudes on at once

No Plumber's Crack? What's up with that???

MAY!! It's because it's my birthday month... not because there are two hot guys... yeah, right...

I'm with you on that!

December is the best.

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