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Listen: Sia Releases Soaring New Single "Chandelier"

Sia's been focusing on songwriting (Kylie's new album, anyone?) more than recording and performing lately, but the full release of "Chandelier" today shows us that the threat of no new music from the bisexual Australian siren was short-lived. We didn't know what to think of the "Chandelier" teaser that was released last week, but now that we get to fill our ear holes with its full glory, we heartily endorse it on the dotted line. The word "soaring" has never been more appropriate for a modern pop song. If this track had been given to Rihanna (whom it definitely sounds tailored for), only advanced software would've been able to help Ri Ri obtain the heights that Sia brings to the chorus. 

What do you think of "Chandelier"?


Totally awesome, best song in general for quite some time, almost like she is channelling a modern Kate bush

Great comparison.  I can totally hear it.

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