Listening To Adele Will Make You Gay, Says "Ex Gay" Therapist

Adele does not make gays; the gays made Adele. 

But a Texas-based "ex gay" therapist gets it backward in openly gay doctor Christian Jessen's Channel Four documentary Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I'm Gay. In the show, cameras follow Dr. Jessen as he reports undercover from the frontline of one of America's biggest contemporary embarrassments: "ex gay" therapy. 

The Daily Star has more:

Retired doctor John Smid from Texas offers rehab and orders him to strip his life of things that encourage him to be gay.

He throws out Jessen’s Adele CD and tells him: “Adele is very popular within the gay community. You have to listen to Christian music.”

Smid also makes him bin his tight undies claiming they will “stir his sensuality” and make him want sex.

Concerned that too much "Rolling In The Deep" has had you rolling in the peen? Not to worry. Another "conversion" therapist Dr. Jessen tells him that coloring books turn his victims patients straight.