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Living Dolls Sub-Culture Comes Out And Proud, Takes Internet By Storm

Maskers, who consider themselves part of a sexual subculture of men who dress as female sex dolls, are the hot topic of the week after coming out and proud in a documentary that aired this week. Secrets of the Living Dolls premiered on Channel 4 on Monday, and its well-promoted hashtag #LivingDolls quickly took over the Internet. People are fascinated with maskers, us included. Check out a few remarkable clips from the doc that everyone's talking about below [some are borderline NSFW].


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Hi, Justin.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm not sure what is "random hate," but, I assure you, my comment is not random (and I disagree about the alleged 'hate' element.).  Instinct does a good job or riling up the masses with its many Facebook postings.  Good for them.  They got both you and me to respond.  Truth is, many Instinct postings are trite, stereotypical and more relevant to communities NOT of color.  But, I'm quite glad Instinct CAN post and DOES post.  The story about living doll culture is not a story of acceptance and coming out.  It is another example of people's narcissism and psychiatric issues overtaking common sense.  I'm not saying we don't need to accept people for who they are: no, quite the contrary; I'm saying people need help and support figuring out who they are before their selfish sense of entitlement leads them to create yet another subculture which masks their true identity issues.

i don't see what harm these people are causing by doing this. i find it interesting, a bit weird, but also fascinating. it's just people being people and experimenting. as long as it's not harmful to themselves or others, why get your panties in a twist. live and let live. 

Stupid, irrelevant, vacuous bobbleheads.  There is truth to the belief that granting equitable rights does embolden the fringe fanatic.  This is why we need bitch-slaps and corporal punishment back.

Next time you develop diarrhea of the fingertips you might want to get your friend to confiscate your keyboard from you.

I mean seriously nothing in your post makes sense.  It's just irreverent and random hate.

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