Log Cabin Republicans Celebrate 40 Years Without Bringing Up Trump Once

Photo: Facebook

Last week, the Log Cabin Republicans gathered to celebrate the group's 40th anniversary. 

And although the gathering was held at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., not once did the 45th president's name come up over the course of the evening.

For example, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina who was the keynote speaker for the event, spoke mostly of herself and her career trajectory from secretary to CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

She said:​

“A leader challenges the status quo. 

“A leader never accepts the way things are. That’s why there’s so many leaders here in this room.”

From The Washington Blade:

Founded in 1977 in California to thwart the Briggs Initiative, a measure opposed by soon-to-be President Ronald Reagan that would have banned gay teachers from schools, Log Cabin celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2017 — a milestone that was emphasized at the Trump International Hotel event.

Log Cabin held the dinner at the Trump International Hotel as the president faces criticism for refusing to put his assets in a blind trust amid suspicions wealthy and foreign interests would conduct business at his properties to influence public policy.

But not once during the entire celebration did Fiorina or anyone else on stage mention Trump or his policies. Among his administration’s actions to undermine LGBT rights: revoking Obama-era guidance assuring transgender students restroom access in schools, ordering the U.S. military to ban transgender service members and staffing a Justice Department with attorneys arguing against legal protections for gays before the federal judiciary.