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London Stage Actor Smacks Down Homophobic Heckler

Homophobia at the theatre?! Sacrilege!!

London actor, Mark Edel-Hunt (pictured), kept things classy, but made his point clear when he and his cast member were heckled after sharing a gay kiss onstage.

The Standard UK reports:

An actor took a stand against homophobia at a London theatre after an audience member shouted abuse as two men kissed on stage.

The heckler was among the spectators at The American Plan on Wednesday and tutted before crying out “makes me sick” at the embrace between the two male characters Nick and Gil.

Mark Edel-Hunt, who plays Gil, responded by returning to the stage at the end of the curtain call with a sign depicting the Stonewall campaign slogan – “Some people are gay. Get over it!”.


In the second half of the play, which was written by Richard Greenberg, it transpires that Nick, who appears to be straight, has had a previous affair with Gil, who turns up at the camp.

The audience are not expecting it, but the two men end up kissing.

Andy Wasley, from Stonewall, told Gay Star News, he was delighted at the cast’s reaction to the stunt.

He added: “Given that Richard Greenberg’s most famous play is about a gay man, whoever complained about the kiss proved themselves to be as ignorant about theatre as they are about the reality of modern life.

“It’s great to see a spirited response to such offensive behaviour.”


Well done, Mark Edel-Hunt! We think he handled it more appropriately than we would have....


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