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'Looking' Introducing New Characters In Season 2

HBO's Looking is adding some new characters to its merry band--and at least one of them is a new gay love interest!

TVLine reports:

Season 2 of the HBO drama will add three recurring characters: Malik, an African-American staffer in the mayor’s office; Sammie, a female-to-male transgender who lives at the shelter where Agustín gets a job; and Brady, Richie’s new redheaded, slightly punk beau.

Intrigued by these new additions, Instincters??


(H/T: The Backlot)


Is Scott Bacula returning? He was the best part of the show.

This world is not created just for the Ladies love a man only.

gay is not pathogen, Gay it makes you slump??

Why on earth is everyone so stressed... It's a TV show. That's all...

That's exactly what I think. It's entertainment; so if it doesn't entertain you, then don't watch it.

Let's hope they are less uniformly dreary than the characters in the first season.

Who cares if there are new characters when they haven't established a reason to care about the original ones.  Not to mention the half-hour format barely have time to develop the characters already on the canvas.

INDEED. The whole thing was a shambolic mess.The lead carried the entire production. Now they're going to PC it up and make everyone really BARF.

Ugh, shut up. There are more pressings matters in the world than, "are we referring to them with the correct word/word(s) so their feelings don't get hurt?". Cry me a fucking river. It's a write-up on a fucking tv show. Calm down.

Transgender is not a noun, FFS. Please correct to: "Sammie, a female-to-male transgender man who...."

You're making sure everyone hates you. Don't bitch when the smpathy dries up. But do enjoy your alone time with your PC rules to keep you warm.

Stop trying to find a reason to be offended.  Focus on the intention behind the words and not create something out of nothing.

Thank you. Thank you so very much! I'm a gay man (just simply a gay man!) who tires of so many words, acronyms, "flavors," and PC stuff in general. 

The comma comes after the quotation mark, not before it: 'flavours', (English spelling).

LOL. In the US, the comma always goes inside the quote.

Instinct didn't write it. If you follow the links you'll find that this is a quote of a quote of a bad writter. So following"quote" rules this technically isn't their fault. Go complain to the original writer.

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