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"Looking' Parody, 'Not Looking,' Launches Series Fundraising Campaign

We said earlier this month that we'd watch the hell out of an actual series version of Not Looking, the hilarious parody of HBO's Looking that we got a teaser for at the beginning of February.

Well now we have the opportunity and it's our favorite news of the day! 

The team behind Not Looking, which stars Drew Droege, Jason Looney, Justin Martindale, and Jeremy Shane are putting together six web-episodes of the series for Funny Or Die and they need your help to fund it! 

Check out this video from their Indiegogo campaign:

And in case you missed that amazing trailer, here you go:

Are you excited for Not Looking: the series, Instincters? Are you donating?


Why are they Not Looking?

Is that supposed to be funny?  :o/

I know. I watched it twice. Why is this getting so much press? It's not funny. 

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