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Love & Hip Hop's Jonathan Fernandez Shares He Went To A Conversion Camp At 10

Reality TV star Jonathan Fernandez opened up about the time his family sent him to a conversation therapy camp when he was only 10-years-old.

33-year-old Fernandez is known of his time on the VH1 reality show K.Michelle and for currently appearing on Love & Hip Hop.

But now, Fernandez's name is circulating around the internet after he recorded the following video with the help of Brut.

In the video, Fernandez tries to see the situation through his family’s eyes and minds. He says that his parents loves him, but that they didn’t understand him.

Fernandez also gives accounts of situations at the camp such as being hooked up to a lie detector machine and shocked whenever he gave an unsatisfactory response, or receiving testosterone injections.

You can watch the video down below to hear Jonathan Fernandez’s story for yourself.





Wow, this is horrible.  

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