Macklemore Hit Same Love Has Become Australia Gay Marriage Anthem

Over the weekend, Macklemore and Mary Lambert performed their hit song, "Same Love," at the Australian National Rugby League final. 

As you're surely aware, Australians are participating in a postal survey in which they will determine the fate of marriage equality in the country.

While performing the song at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Macklemore called on the audience to vote "yes," in favor of same-sex marriage.

“This is an issue that I feel strongly about, that I feel passionate about. These people are human beings that should have the exact same rights as everybody else."

Lambert recently told The Advocate:

“Performing Same Love in Australia is not about being political.

“It’s about being human.”




In a recent interview, Macklemore said he'd be donating money to support the yes vote.

“I was saying on the car ride over here, I haven’t figured it out yet, but I was saying in the car ride over that I want to donate my portion of the proceeds of Same Love that I get off of that record here in Australia, to voting yes,” he told Channel 9.

“I need to figure out what that looks like, and how to do that, but that is something I am going to do.”