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Macklemore's Ryan Lewis Asks Fans What They Think Of Ryan Lewis

Admittedly, Ryan Lewis tends to get short shrift when it comes to his musical pairing with Macklemore. Though the duo are officially called Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, how often is Ryan left out of the media and fan dialogue all together? While Macklemore is the clear front-man for the pair, what's Ryan Lewis doing?

For the record, Lewis actually produced the duo's Grammy winning album, so he's kind of a big deal. 

Thankfully, Ryan has a sense of humor about it all, which was on full display on The Tonight Show when he took to the streets to ask the public exactly what they think of Ryan Lewis. 

Hilarity ensues. Watch!

Self-deprecation is refreshing. We love you, Ryan!!


They are both so talented but I've always had a secret crush on Ryan Lewis.....hope he is flattered

extremely cute and obviously talented

Okay, he's super cute. I've always wondered what he did too. Pretty big deal, I'd say. 

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