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Macklemore's Ryan Lewis Reveals Mother Has Been HIV-Positive For More Than 30 Years

Grammy award winning artist Ryan Lewis--of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis--has revealed that his mother is HIV-positive as part of the 30/30 Project, which is raising funds to build health centers around the world.

Lewis writes:

A huge part of what's made me who I am, is something I haven't talked about in interviews. If I could just take a few moments of your time, I'd love to tell you about the strongest woman that I know, my mom, Julie Lewis. In 1984, my mom gave birth to my older sister, Teresa. Due to a complicated delivery, she needed a blood transfusion and at that moment, my mom had HIV+ blood put into her body. When she was finally diagnosed, she was given only a few years to live. By that time, she had already given birth to my sister Laura and me. We each had a 25% chance of being born HIV+, but we were extremely fortunate (today, the risk of a mother passing HIV to her baby is 2% or less if she is taking medication). 

Thanks to advanced medicine and healthcare available here in the U.S., my mom has lived despite her odds. To honor the thirty years my mom has been a survivor, our family is raising funds to build health centers worldwide that will stand strong for at least thirty years. We're calling it the 30/30 Project. We are partnering with Construction for Change, a Seattle-based nonprofit, to carry out construction. And we have local partners on the ground, such as Partners in Health, to run and operate the health facilities long-term. We want to give hope to women and families in other parts of the world who lack access to quality, affordable healthcare.

You can donate funds to the 30/30 Project's Indiegogo campaign here!!

CBS also interviews Ryan Lewis on the 30/30 Project and his mother's HIV status. Head here to watch. 

Awesome cause and a truly brave family! It's a courageous reveal and we think Lewis and his mother choosing to be vocal and open with the world will help many.


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So inspirational

My mother was HIV+ when I was born....She was such an activist she would have loved this project and Ryan Lewis's music

This is so touching :)

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