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Madonna Calls Son Rocco The 'N-Word' On Instagram

Updated Saturday, 10:42 a.m. PST

Madonna's issued an apology for her use of the N-word:

"I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N-word on Instagram," the singer said in a statement on Saturday, Jan. 18. "It was not meant as a racial slur...I am not a racist."

She added: "There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention...It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white.  I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me."

What do you think??


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Sigh. Come on, Madonna, you know better. 

Perhaps Madge got knocked in the head during her own boxing workout? The singer posted the following photo of her son Rocco on Instagram on Friday night with the caption:

"No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disn---a"

Yep. That's the N-word.

No, Madonna. Just no.

Facing immediate backlash she quickly deleted the comment and reposted the photo with the caption:

"Ok let me start this again. #get off my d--k haters!"

Considering Madonna has two black children, we're surprised she's not more sensitive to the use of the N-word. 

In any case, she should be. Are people being "haters" for calling her out??


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 Madonna you were a voice that pierced through the skin of America's music culture and left a permanent mark of pop perfection.  I remember you're music and you're brass balls that demanded the world's attention. Bravo baby bravo.

Count how many times Nigga is mentioned in Drakes lil Bad Behaviour Video . Noones writing about his nigga word!

People are over-reacting for nothing

people say nigger all the time, she's just said it in public is all, #whocaresanymore

 So tired of these know it all queens thinking that what they're saying isn't racist! I'm black and I don't use the word. I have 14 aunts and uncles on my mom's side and I've never heard them use it. It's racist to make assumptions about black people based on black public figures. I haven't heard nigga or faggot used around me since I left high school and I live in TEXAS (also known as the dirty south)

This is just bull ! Nigga / Nigga/ Nigga ooooooooooo I said it you fucks .....Racism is the act of excluding someone from the enjoyment of a equal right because of an ethnic difference, not the calling of a word to someone who clearly isnt of color. If the bitch was racist she wouldnt have one of the most diverse dancer groups in the universe ( I dont think aliens care for concerts).

Oh my god. I totally get what she's saying. You all need to pipe the fuck down. Seriously was not meant as a racial slur. You know, how gay used to mean happy now it means something else? When you see nigga, it's soooo unlikely you meant it in a derogatory way, and no, just because anyone is any color, does that mean some people get to say it and others don't.

What the fuck/ Nigger is used in fucking rap.....Just because shes white doesnt mean she cant use the word .....fuck, people of color use it in their rapping and call each other that. Lay off people!

I think it is time for the people bitching are the one we need to watch out for i hang out with all kinds of races and the African Americans are the only race that i have found that are more hateful then anyone i have hung around why i dont understand why they think they are better then anyone else it is time for them to get over what people did to them years and years ago i wasnt alive and i had nothing to do with it

Listen up Charlie, I'm sorry that I've hurt you...wasn't aware that I was hateful to you and that I think I'm better than you even though I've never even fucking met you! You'll probably find it surprising that I find what you just said way more offensive than if you would've just kept it short and called us all "niggas."

I am white and I still find this offensive!!!!

With that kind of surname, I'm sure you get everything so easily. Opsss...

Please stop being so hypocrite..we heard this "nigga" word almost everyday- in the street, school, media, videos and songs. 

******People who criticize Madonna about a word that African-Americans use as part of everyday talk & rap music are hypocrites******


I'm black and I love Madonna !

"No matter how good your intentions are, there's always some jerk, some mean spirited person who tries to bring you down". -Michael Jackson

Nigga" was invented in Hip Hop mainly as a way to de-power the word "Nigger."

"Nigga" is a term of endearment. "Nigger" is always an insulting term.

And though I am likely in the minority on this, I think its dumb as hell to try to "ban" a word. The word itself doesn't fucking matter. Its the CONTEXT of the word.

Just like the word "faggot." I can call someone a faggot all day long, but it doesn't mean I hate gay people, or even using it as a term to insult gays. Its mostly used around here as "someone who behaves inapprorpiately." Not as an insult to homosexuals.

You are never going to completely get rid of a word that has been given so much power like "nigger." So hip hop had it right all along. Once you de-power the word, it now longer has the same effect. That's why Black men can now call each other "niggas" all the time. That's how you get rid of its context as a insult to Black people. Just "banning" a word is childish and will never work. Like, ever.

But no. Motherfuckers want to live in the past and can't let shit go. 'Well... fuck those sensitive-ass niggas.' It's 2014. Grow the fuck up and stop letting people have so much power over you with a two-syllable noise. Move past that shit.

Don't think I'm disagreeing with you, because I'm definitely not, but "faggot" isn't equal to "nigga" - it's equal to "nigger".  You may be attempting to depower a word, but at least they changed the original word as well and pronounce it differently - and honestly it's used in different ways than the original root word.  "Faggot" has yet to be altered, so now it's literally a case of determining the context of the word....which isn't cool.  It isn't cool to throw around "faggot", because it hasn't been changed yet to be an empowering word.  I really don't find it to be a positive thing in the slightest.  So yeah....let's not equate it to being a power statement like 'nigga'.

Well the next time some straight person says fag, I hope none of you (defending her) gets outraged!  Since I hear gay people use that word all the time amongst themselves!!!   Smh  

She shouldn’t apologize because she wasn’t in the wrong.

Everybody should be allowed to use a word OR no one should.


And FYI Madonna has done/said MUCH MUCH more controversial sh*t than say the word nigha, and her career has remain unbothered (see highest grossing female of 2913 receipt) You think her majority fan base (gays, queens, white folks) give a flying f*ck if she uses a word they prolly hear black folks say (whether in the streets or some rapper talking nonsense) all the time?

Puh-lease, Instinct Magazine...move on.


Madonna IS NOT racist . She has adopted Black children , has always been surrounded by blacks and helps thousands of blacks in África . She simply feels Black some times and thats why She used ThE Madonna .... Im Black 

White guy "what up nigga"
Black guy "nigga?"
White guy "you know what I mean bro"
Black guy "you mean I'm a nigger"
White guy "Nah man, it ain't like that"

Black guy punches the white guy.
Black guy gets arrested for assault and released without charges because the white guy is accused of using racial slurs (that the Black guy uses everyday in his vocabulary with his "brothers" that he has no idea if he's actually related to). 

 People need to shelve their fake outrage, get off their high horse, and get over it. 

Black people shouldn't use it if they don't want anyone else to use it. Period.


Shut your Nigga face, Lady the new supreme?  Oh gawd I cant stop laughing at that joke!  nugh said!

Actually although I don't like pop music Madonna is still a very sexy woman and few women decades younger then her can keep up. Lady Gaga can get back to me when she has had a 30 plus year career. Oh on a side more Madonna sells out every venue for every your she has. Now go throw in some dead Kennedys and let true art flow through your pop eaten brain.

I rather be a Madonna fan than Gaga.

ARTPOP sucks and everyone knows it. And Monsters are killing ARTPOP because Monsters are the most universally despised fans in the world. 

Lady Gaga is the new supreme in the music world ??? with 258k 1st week sales on Billboard 200 and struggling to fill up stadiums after 5 years. Oh please, sit down. 



this word has caused hurt to many generations and we all know it. We know it is not a is meant to degrade and you can not justify its means as an acceptable form of communication. Period.

Meanwhile in Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West songs......

(Oh who cares!)

Oh please, America. Grow up!

So, I’m pretty much assuming here, why most black people use this word is because they THINK it’s THEIRS? Look at how Hip-Hop has taken the power of the words away. It should be a two-way street. If nobody can say nigga but blacks then stop calling Hispanics beaners, wet-backs, and spics; stop calling Whites honky’s, crackers, rednecks & white trash.

A word is just a word and sorry to say, but in these 50 states you can say whatever you want to say. If any word affects you then that’s you. A word like nigga goes as far as you let it go, really nothing anyone say should affect you but for some reason you get offended by everything. If you think white people are trying to be “slick” my calling you niggas, maybe you shouldn’t be calling each other niggas. If you know where the word originates from and yet you still use the word you think is less derogatory, then you’re being irrational and hypocritical for getting upset. Both words mean the same thing.

When Richard Pryor was using it to joke around he was using the stronger meaning to get across a softer concept that would make the audience laugh – shock value. AGAIN if nigga really is less harmful than nigger why do you get as mad when a white person says it?

Oh come on ... I SERIOUSLY thing all of you need to reevaluate the situation, I not for one second heard any criticism when many rappers such as Drake use the N word ... words are only as powerful as you make them, don't make this into a dramatic situation that it's not supposed to be.

I totally agree and I’m black, I just don’t understand and someone called me one today and I said don’t call that and they got mad at me !

We live in a weird society....

Big deal! She used the "N" word.  So many of us within the gay community call each other fags and queens and bitches and even girl and yet we dare to criticize her for using a word that for the most part, has lost its potency. Thank God I live in Trinidad. There are so many different cultures and ethnicities here that we have stopped being sensitive about labels and stereotypes. It seems that we are not so third world after all and some of the bigger countries might just learn a thing or two from us about simply getting along in peace.

Madonna is one of the performers that have had a significant impact on  pop culture and on the world in general. It is obvious that she meant no disrespect so stop hating.

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It's quite obvious that Madonna has gotten to that point of delusion celebrities tend to have thinking that filters on what they do and/or say don't apply to them.

And sad to say, for that I blame many members of the gay community and media who have for DECADES treated her like a God. So much so that now, she actually dumb enough to believe she's one. But it makes her inept at parenthood ( as I always figured she would be), because she is obviously passing on that delusion to her children.

It will just go away if everyone stops using it including rappers. :(


Your argument is ageist.

This is just my pompous, and concise opinion.... 

Why Blacks can call each other “Niggas”  ?

Why Blacks can call each other “Niggas” but the moment someone white say it, it’s a problem ?!

Honestly I’ll never truly understand what’s the point being offended by such terms. I mean: first of all “nigger” ain’t a good not a bad word, it’s just a derivation from the Latin word which stands for “black” (as in italian “nero” and spanish “negro”).

Could you be pissed off by simply mentioning the colour of your own skin? I don’t think so, and if this is your case, you got some serious issue. So it’s not a black word, it’s Latin (if we consider words being able to be “owned” by anyone… well).

Secondly, what if I dare to step into “black” business? Ain’t this a free world? So now who’s the racist? If I address you with such words as idiot, sob, dumbass, you have all the rights to be mad at me and whatever. If some black dude calls me whitey, white trash… so what’s the problem? If someone tries to piss me off for something I’m in no way responsible for (could I perhaps choose the colour of my skin at birth??), the “attack” is really childish, and worthless a reply.

To sum up: whoever gets pissed off by being addressed by such “racial” terms has issues, is racist or, perhaps, suffers from some inferiority complex. These are the only causes I can seriously think at to find a justification to such boiling attitudes…

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