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Maggie Gallagher Says Marriage Equality Will Be Nationwide In Two Years

We usually take everything anti-gay activist Maggie Gallagher says with grains of salt lining our happy hour margarita. But today, one of the most prolific faces of the homophobic movement's soothsaying skills are something we can kind of get behind. 

Of course, that's not the reaction to her "sky is falling statement" that she had hoped for.

During an interview on the Catholic cable network EWTN, Maggie predicted:

"I believe the Supreme Court is going to impose gay marriage in all fifty states within the next two years. I think the battle's going to shift to religious liberty and we're gonna need politicians with backbone. What happened first in the gay marriage issue is liberals used their dominance in the mainstream media to persuade GOP pundits that they should be silent on the issue and retreat."

What do you think of Maggie's crystal ball prediction?

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Yup, just like they "imposed" interracial marriage on all 50 states. You say "imposed", I say protecting/upholding/adhering to constitutional law and freedom.

First of all, marriage equality is not an "imposition".  It is a legal and civil right, and has nothing to do with religious liberty.  Second of all, many GOP pundits are trying to persuade each other to be silent on the issue.   

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