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Magic Johnson: 'I'm The Blessing And The Curse Of HIV'

Magic Johnson sat down with Anderson Cooper and discussed living with HIV for the last 22 years and his support of his gay son. He shares what he has to say to those that feel he shouldn't be supporting his son on religious grounds.

Johnson also provides some interesting insight into how his life as someone who's living and thriving with HIV has impacted the way others view the disease--for better and for worse. 

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Johnson tells Cooper, "I'm the blessing because people were talking about it, they ran out and got tested at that time. Then I'm the curse because ...people now say, 'Oh well, HIV is nothing because if I get it I can be like Magic. He's doing good, and I can do the same thing he's doing or take the same medicine he's taking and I'll be okay.' But what they don't understand, in 22 years, millions of people have died."

Regarding his 20-year-old openly gay son E.J., Johnson says, "It was important that Cookie and I support our son.We love our son."

And to those "Christians" who object, Johnson says he's told them: "Hey, I love my son, nothing is going to change that. I don't care if you don't agree and you don't want to deal with me or don't like me, that's on you, but I said tell me when it hits your own family." 

What do you think of Johnson's comments, Instincters?


Such a great Man...and the strength to stand for what we all another!

We need to have mandatory testing. No permission. Not being optional. Test everyone. No matter what you're age or sociological background - it does not matter any more - and it's high-time that healthcare updates it's standards and routines to make HIV testing standard and mandatory of everyone.

Why? That same dictate could be used to enforce heterosexuality or belief in God. Taking away a human's fundamental right to choose is tantamount to destroying who they are. 

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