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'Magic Mike' Sequel Gets A Title & A Director!

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It's all happening. Magic Mike, the cinematic triumph of our time, officially has a director and a title for its sequel! 

Magic Mike XXL (oh really) will be helmed by Greg Jacobs, the longtime assistant director to Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh.

No word yet on who's all secured for the cast, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that the entire male cast will be joining Channing Tatum for round two!

The film is expected to shoot in the fall. We're still working out the details on how to secure fluffer positions on set. We'll report back. 


(H/T: AV Club)



I hope this sequel includes Mat Bomer being held down and raped by his co stars!

Maybe this time, it'll be full of sexiness and an actual plotline! I'm not getting my hopes up.

....hopefully with a title like that there will be at Least TWO BLACK MEN IN IT! because we ALL know ...well...Ummm Yea LMAO......a title like this ? With an all white cast? #PhuckOuttaHere

Worst story line ever... fell alseep half way through even with the eye candy.

Come on people. If you are so offended by every article that Instinct post, there is a really simple solution. Stop freakin reading them! No one cares that your poor feeling are hurt by reading something meant to entertain you for a couple of minutes. Get over yourselves.

Oh, please!

By "fluffer positions" Nigel means 'extras.'

Get a clue.

Wow! Someone needs to lighten up! I bet if they would consider you for the fluffer position you would be on your knees in no time! 

Fluffer positions???? Really Instinct? That was low. This guys are total class and dont need and wont have fluffers. Once again you have stooped low. Congrats Instinct on being the TMZ of gay rags.

Lighten up! This isn't the New York Times, you know.

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