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'Magic Mike XXL' Gets A Release Date!

Magic Mike XXL--our favorite sequel title ever--has a release date! 

Entertainment Weekly reports:

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that the hotly anticipated sequel Magic Mike XXL will be released July 3, 2015, just in time for Independence Day. The original 2012 film was directed by Steven Soderbergh and starred Channing Tatum, and was loosely based on the actor’s own experiences as a young male dancer. Tatum is currently writing the sequel, which will be directed by Gregory Jacobs, Soderbergh’s assistant on the first film and many of his other work.

Now release dates are all fine and good, but we need shoot dates for the sequel to the cinematic triumph of our time!

Basically we just need to know when we need to show up on set. 

Also, can we help with casting? A few new cast additions are a great way to keep things fresh. 

Might we suggest Zac Efron?? We've got more ideas!! Call us!


mmm zac efron in a thong dancing sexy, yes please. we need to get a petition for this started. Also, agree with previous 2  comments. They had more balls to shoot this stuff in the 90s than they do now. We don't want a PG rated film about male strippers. We want an NC-17 or NR. 

I agree with anonymous's comment...i want to see more naked men not a stupid story (so awful last time), but I am so fucking old that I will be dead by the time it is released.

Oh, well.

I hope this one isn't a lifetime movie like the last one.... I want to see more men almost naked not some bull shit love story crap

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