Major Drag Show Held In Front Of Westboro Baptist Church HQ For First Time

Westboro Baptist Church zealots were treated to a legendary drag show over the weekend as the much-buzzed about event finally took place across the street from the hate group's HQ, at the Equality House. 

"Our first 'Drag Down Bigotry' event was a huge success and we are very pleased with how many people participated in and/or supported our efforts," Aaron Jackson, President of Planting Peace, told The Huffington Post. "This was another successful step towards silencing the hate from the WBC and bringing awareness to the high suicide rate amongst our LGBTQ youth."

"The fact is that teenagers across the country are taking their lives every year at an alarming rate. Research into these cases indicates that almost every suicide is the result of feeling less than or not good enough, many of these in fact being LGBTQ youth," Amelia Markham, Director of Outreach said in a statement. "We want to use every opportunity we can to switch that message and preach love and inclusion instead of hate. The drag show was the perfect opportunity to declare that message and to raise funds for our anti-bullying initiative for schools in the area and eventually across the country."

Think WBC members were good tippers?