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Major League Soccer Player Mike Magee Delivers Perfect Response To Anti-Gay Tweet

Major League Soccer player Mike Magee of the Chicago Fire definitely scored a major goal when he responded to a heckler on Twitter who attacked him with a homophobic slur. Check it out! 

The victory may have been the heckler's response.

Offending tweeter, @aaronfox72 wrote: 

"@magee9 I apologize for my ignorance and have a lot of respect for what you do. I have respect for what you do and regret what i said. Sorry"

It's a teaching moment, guys!! 

Well played, Mike Magee!!!

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



Awesome ...Mike

hey, an apology is better than silence.  And my god how sexy is Mike!

He had to get his sorry in there before the media showed how big of douche he is 

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