Male Models Bring To Life Jean Cocteau's Provocative Illustrations

While most of our writers are stuffing themselves with holiday cheer, we thought we would share some of our more memorable stories from recent months.

Photographer Jonathan Icher uses male models (and Photoshop) to bring to life illustrations by French writer, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau.

 “The White Book" series interprets the illustrations of Cocteau’s book of the same name. 

According to KALTBLUT Magazine: 

The book, published in 1928, is about the discovery of the author’s homosexuality, although he never admitted authorship of this work. Yet, the second edition of the book contains illustrations by Jean Cocteau, which Jonathan Icher used as inspirations for creating his artworks. For this project, Jonathan worked with Ryûq Qiddo, Matthieu Reboul, François Sagat, Arthur Gillet and Florian.

Head to Axxidental to preview the provocative NSFW images.