Male Rape Survivors Share Their Stories In Powerful New Documentary

A powerful, emotional new documentary is helping to give a voice to men who have survived incidents of rape and sexual assault. 

Says one man:

“I felt ashamed.

“I felt like someone is stealing something from me.” 

Shares another:

“I just wanted to run away, and get away from everything.” 

A National Crime Victimization Survey conducted in 2014 found that 38% of rape victims are male. Furthermore, the study concluded that 1 in 6 males are sexually assaulted before the age of 18. 

In filmmaker Vanessa McNeal’s new documentary The Voiceless, five brave men reflect on how they have coped as survivors of rape.  

Through the sharing of their stories, the film helps to examine the stigma surrounding the taboo subject of male survivors of sexual assault. 

Says McNeal:

“Sexual violence does not discriminate against men."

She adds:

“We live in a society that continues to state that sexual violence can’t and won’t happen to men."

The Voiceless is currently screening on college campuses throughout the country

Watch clips from the film: 





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