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Male Stripper Suing NBC For $1 Million

A male stripper who goes by the stage name "Punisher" is claiming that NBC's Dateline used footage of him in an unrelated situation that has inflicted damage to the tune of $1 million, according to the lawsuit. 

The Wrap reports:

In his complaint, filed in New York Supreme Court on Tuesday, Sharay Hayes — professional name: Punisher — claims that a screen shot from a promotional video was used in the June 2012 “Dateline” episode “The Perfect Catch.” The episode chronicled a scam perpetrated by an individual named Tim “Dog” Blair, in relation to a male exotic dancer tour in the Netherlands, the suit says.

Hayes says that his image was accompanied by “ominous sounding music” and immediately before an alleged scam victim declared, “there were five strippers, male strippers like .. some … similar like Chippendale but only black guys.”

ayes allows that he worked with Blair for performances he had done in Australia, but asserts that “the events in Australia had nothing to do with any of the women depicted in ‘The Perfect Catch.’”

The male-stripper's lawsuit goes on to claim the episode stoked “latent racial tensions.”

“Plaintiff believes the use of his image was a form of sensationalism meant to inflame latent racial tensions. In other words, the Defendant depicted a picture of a half naked black man involved in a scam of white women. The use of Plaintiff’s image on national television and online was in total disregard of Plaintiff’s profession and in disregard of Plaintiff’s humanity.”


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