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Male Underwear Models Beautifully Take On Choreography From Sia's "Chandelier" Music Video

You might not hear Sia's "Chandelier" on the radio in as many rotations as Ariana Grande's "Problem," but without a doubt the music video of the summer award would go to Sia. It's been spoofed from fans to Jimmy Kimmel, and the intense and jaw-dropping choreography from Ryan Heffington is largely responsible. 

The latest to take on the challenge is Cheap Undies, who put dancers Chaz Knight and Quinn Jaxon up to the task. Did they fly like a bird through the night?




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ёб твою мать!!! All the good-looking and athletic body guys are straight...and a дурак, говнюк, кушать говно, мудак.... and....

это всё!!!! 


Yeah...Boring!! Wasn't very good. Defiantly amateur attempt. Very sloppy. Didn't make me want the underwear or the guy:( sad panda

Bitter Betty?  The video is great and haters need to chill out and relax.  Quinn Jaxon is beautiful and a great dancer!

lol poor lil Tink Tink....


OMG! what a beautiful song, man, and dance.  He did so well in showing how well the underwear works in his choreography.  I had to save it.  I can watch him over and over.. Great job! 

I would keep to still pictures. Was an
Amateur attempt. Good for him for having the balls to do it.

some queens are so bitter.. sour milk anyone? #GreatJobQuinn

It was great..

Okay,  Bored now.

what a cheap excuse to try and capitalize on this song for shitty underwear marketing. poor quality and crappy dancing! #notaviralhit


I do like this video but I think he needs show more confidence when he is dancing. but I do like the video.

I wasn't expecting to love this but I actually love it!  Great 

Anyone else notice the "moist" spot in the taint?

Sometimes men sweat when they dance. Get over it, please.

I THOUGHT I saw that!

I saw it too!  I liked the video...advertisement and artistic interpretive dance with a sexy guy...nice job!!!

Cheap Undies is a great site with really good deals on underwear.  Not sure what you mean by trying to make it happen.  The company is already super successful.  Anyway, I thought this video was great and I am a trained dancer.  


Is this the sequel to Cloverfield meets So You Think You Can Dance

Stop trying to make cheapundies happen. THEY WILL NEVER HAPPEN

Wow!  Quinn Jaxon is BREATH TAKING!  I am super impressed!  Love this video!

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