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Man Allegedly Kills Wife To Hide His Same-Sex Attraction To Men

Prosecutors in the United Kingdom allege that a man murdered his wife months after marrying her in order to hide his sexuality. 

BBC reports:

Jasvir Ram Ginday is alleged to have attacked Varkha Rani at their home with a metal pipe from a vacuum cleaner.

He burnt her body in a garden incinerator but told a neighbour he had set fire to "general rubbish", Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Mr Ginday, 29, of Walsall, admits manslaughter but denies murder.

According to prosecutor Deborah Gould, Ginda told a friend he was attracted to men as early as 2008. From the Mirror UK: 

Ginday, who has also admitted perverting the course of justice by lying to police, is alleged to have entered into an arranged marriage with Miss Rani earlier last year to "conceal his homosexuality and please his parents".

Claiming that he had told a friend he was attracted to men in his university study group, Miss Gould told the jury: "Despite his sexual orientation, in October 2012 the defendant and his mother travelled to India to find him a wife.

"While he was there the defendant met and rejected several women before meeting Varkha Rani through the intervention of a match-maker.

"No doubt to Varkha's family the defendant appeared to be a perfect match for their intelligent, well-educated, and attractive young daughter."

Miss Rani married Ginday in India last March and moved to the UK in August after she was granted a visa.

She was "in all senses a stranger in a strange land" and appeared to be isolated, friendless and alone, said Miss Gould.

Meanwhile, her husband was "staring reality in the face" and would have had to explain any attempt to divorce his new bride.


"His ultimate intention, the Crown suggests, was to play the role of victim safe in the knowledge that he could rely upon his married status as a permanent excuse for never having to have another relationship with a woman."

We're unclear as to how Ginday killing his wife (or, effectively, his "beard" as proposed by the prosecution) allows him to hide his alleged same-sex attraction to men. Was he going to play the brooding widower for the rest of his life? 

Wouldn't it make more sense to continue having his wife as a cover if he was so intent on hiding his alleged orientation?

It's a senseless crime from a cowardly man. Allegedly.

In any case, Ginday has admitted to lying to police and his trial continues.


She's the victim and that's it!
No matter what happens in your life, you have no right to kill another person. You can blame the culture, the people, etc...But the one to blame in this situation is the male adult who chose to kill his wife. And as any other killer, he must pay for his actions.

Murderer or not, He is HOT! lol
Just sayin...

This is sad. He is a victim too.

Jail is full of dudes. So.....

in indian culture if his wife is dead he would never have to remarry because of the implicit sadness of the loss. therefore he would forego any problem that might arose if she spoke about her husbands sexual activity outside the marriage. if she had found something out and expressed it to either her family or in laws, he would be in culturally very deep shit even though he is living in the UK. who knows what compelled him to kill her but the oppression in such traditional societies is a rough hand for anyone to be dealt and i would imagine his pathology is deep rooted in familial expectations and deep human fear. 

Thank you for such an informative and compassionate response.

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