Man Burns House In Attempt To Kill Spider

Well, the spider's dead isn't it?! (It is, right?)

If you ever read in the news that we accidentally burned down our home, this is likely the exact reason why that happened: killing a spider with a lighter and spray paint. 

A Seattle man used this combination in the latest battle of the Eternal War Against Spiders and caused $40,000 in fire damage to his home. The Seattle Fire Department responded to the call to put out the blaze before it consumed the entire house. "Worth it," the man may or may not have said. 

KOMO News has more:

A man who lived at the home told fire officials he was trying to kill a spider in his laundry room using a can of spray paint and a lighter when the wall caught fire, according to Kyle Moore with the Seattle Fire Department. The man wasn't able to put the fire out himself, and he left the home when it began to spread.

"I don't want to encourage people to do this, but that's what he did," Moore said. "The spider tried to get into the wall. He sprayed flames on the wall, lit the wall on fire, and that extended up to the ceiling."

The man initially tried to put water on the fire, but he wasn't able to put it out and the blaze spread quickly spread into the attic.

"There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire," Moore said. "Fire is not the method to use to kill a spider."

That's debatable, I think. Don't make me look for better options than the Bic bendable grill lighter when I'm faced with a spider and obviously only seconds left of my life. 




lol You're hilarious, and just like us all, Jonathan.

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