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Man Called "Queer" & Kicked Out Of Kentucky Water Park For Wearing Speedo

Who knew a red Speedo was a ticket to anti-gay harassment and being kicked out of a water park—one of the many wet places where Speedos were designed to be worn?

Jesse Colter wore his red swimtrunks to the Kentucky Kingdom earlier this week, and was told his swim attire was suitable by one of the park's public safety officers. Unfortunatley, the park's officers weren't on the same page as Louisville Metro Police. An LMPD officer allegedly approached Jesse, called him "queer" and threatened him with arrest—for wearing Speedo swimwear. 

“He informed me that several Public Safety Officers from the park had warned [me], which is 100% false," Jesse added. He decided to take himself and his apparently controversial Speedo out of the park to avoid being arrested. 

Kentucky Kingdom's water park guidelines do insist on attendees wearing swimwear, but basically says that anything it deems immoral is subject to action: 

Guests must wear shirts and shoes at all times while at Kentucky Kingdom, except when inside the Hurricane Bay water park. Proper swimming attire is required at Hurricane Bay. For their own safety, guests may not swim in cut-offs or other clothing with rivets, zippers, or buckles. Kentucky Kingdom is a family-friendly theme park and reserves the right to determine whether a guest’s attire is appropriate.

Though the Kentucky water park hasn't yet commented on kicking Jessie out for wearing a Speedo, a random tweet corroborates the situation:

(h/t: QueerFever)


You GO BRO...Speedo and All!!!    The American culture is SO RETARTED it is mind boggling.......the human body is beautiful....that we impose stupid assumptions on some one because of the style or fabric that swim gear is stupid.   

Hell, I'd wear panties in the locker room changing into my Speedos if I WAS AT THIS doubt they'd have me arrested and in handcuffs right away.......which would only arouse me more.......   :-)

ManPanties RULE!

I was raised by my grandmother who came here from italy she bought me speedos and i wore them and i stiill wear them its normal for me and i have all colors red black blue for this guy to get kicked out of a water park for wearing a speedo is crazy ...and even if you are gay its not anyones business    my wife dont have any problem when i wear mine and thats all that matters

What would have happened if it were Mark Spitz (sorry showing my age) Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps?

I'm from KY. I'm backwoods?  Spewing epithets isn't helpful friends. Just food for thought. I'm sorry that someone would say this to him. That was hateful and there are too many ignorant people. 

My web search showed this man is a gay porn star-and very-ahem-gifted at that. If he were wearing a Speedo not offering much support, well, he wouldn't be well contained even if not excited to see someone...good things may come in small packages, but I bet that wasn't the case here :)

There are double standards in society and I don't aim to minimize or condone that. I could envision though a woman too risqué (implanted to DD/E+ wearing a string bikini or barely there top) being asked to leave, or an overweight woman not adequately covered by her swimsuit. 

But yeah, sweet Mary Ann wearing a string bikini with a size 32B bra size, they are probably not going to say anything to her. Likewise, average Joe in his Speedo is getting a pass too. 

I imagine this case was akin to the DD string bikini. 

Wow what started as a man wearing clothing in a water park spiralled into an anti gay rampage! Bloody hell, check urselfs first befor hating someone else!

Yes, PLEASE boycott our family oriented, clean establishments and spend your expendable income elsewhere! We will survive without your gay dollar!

For all you know, he could just be European! Here it is perfectly normal for both gay AND straight men to wear speedos...

I assure you, I know for a fact he isn't European. He's a guy from rural Kentucky who has an over-inflated sense of "celebrity".

Everyone has a place in this world, this guy fulyl understood what he was getting into before he entered this family oriented water park.

You stupid fags constantly speak of how much expendable income you have and how you boycott this and that business, which only helps us, as we want you to boycott businesses so that we do not have to interact with you. If you have so much expendable income and power as you claim, then put it were your mouth is and form your own establishments and stay out of ours!


Gays are being drama queens about this incident. If it's a family oriented park, and rules set in place, then the should be followed. Period.

you have not a clue...move to Texas

First off, Jesse Colter is known for being a drama queen and pushing the limits. The fact that the officers "alleged" comments were offensive is over-shadowed by two facts: 1) No one but Jesse heard it and 2) he can't identify the officer. I'd think that, if I felt incensed by something someone said - I'd at least get their name. Secondly, a, staff member originally told Jesse his outfit was inappropriate and after undisclosed discussion was allowed to continue wearing it, whereupon several guests of the park complained later. My guess is that it was agreed he could wear the speedo as long as guests didn't complain. When they complained the drama broke loose. While I will agree, that wearing a Speedo is acceptable, he isn't wearing a Speedo in the picture above but a designer bikini swimsuit. Half his butt is hanging out and its odd that you don't get a frontal view of the swimsuit - is his junk packed neatly or is it a banana hammock? There are always two sides to every story and, in my experience as a gay man - the gay side can almost always be counted on to be a little "skewed".

I guess you and I can agree to disagree. If a woman were wearing a string bikini and people complained, do you think the police would ask her to leave or be arrested? I doubt it. But if a guy wears what most of the world sees as acceptable swim wear he's ostracized. See the sexist, double standard here? 

I guess we will disagree on two points, firstly a quick internet search for the pictured Diesel swim brief will show you that the front is low cut and meant to be revealing. While I will agree women can sometimes be caught wearing rather skimpy swimsuits...string, g-string or thong swimwear is prohibited by the park. Secondly, it IS a family oriented park...not an adults only park. It then falls under the heading of respect for others. Conversely, if Jesse looked more like Louie Anderson NOBODY would be as adverse to this. Double standard? Indeed, our world is rife with them. is Kentucky. They aren't exactly known for producing the nation's top scholars. Backwoods all the way...hoogies.

Kentucky Kingdom is located in Louisville, which is the largest city in the state and rather metropolitan.

I only have one comment....DAT ASS, shew! Keep that speedo huney!

I work at Kentucky Kingdom and want to inform everyone that this man being kicked out of the park has nothing to with the park itself. It was a Louisville police officer that called him a "queer" and said all the other stuff to him. The park management gave every worker in the park a newsletter this morning to ensure that everyone knew that the park was 100% ok with people wearing speedos. KENTUCKY KINGDOM IS INNOCENT!

As a human and as a swimmer, I find this to be so utterly ridiculous.  A clothing choice cannot make someone gay, and a speedo is essentially the same as a girl's bikini bottom- there's nothing wrong or inappropriate about it. I swim with a couple dozen straight guys in speedos every day, and they wear them because apparently they're easier to swim in than any other kind suit. I just can't see why a swimsuit could ever be construed as a sign of somebody's sexuality. 

I work at Kentucky Kingdom and want to inform everyone that this man being kicked out of the park has nothing to with the park itself. It was a Louisville police officer that called him a "queer" and said all the other stuff to him. The park management gave every worker in the park a newsletter this morning to ensure that everyone knew that the park was 100% ok with people wearing speedos. KENTUCKY KINGDOM IS INNOCENT!

If KK is innocent, why didn't they kick the police officer out of the park.  Only one K away.

I'll admit I have not read all of the comments on this subject. So I may be reiterating what others have already said. However, I find it odd that not one of the people with anti- homosexual views is willing to use their real names. Furthermore, No where in the story does it state that the gentleman in question is actually homosexual. I personally have been hit on by straight men wearing a Speedo while living in Washington state. I having moved to Indiana find it truly offensive that anyone could be forced from a public place simply because of an assumption. The police department s modo is to protect and serve, not to judge and discriminate. Something should be done about the officer in question. Considering had this gentleman been wearing actual board shorts no one would have thought to ask his sexual preference. It is a disgrace that in "The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave." There are so many that are neither.

I cant believe this crap.....I mean I knew there were some stupid people out there but in reading some of these posts my jaw has hit the floor. Just FYI all you close minded, fag hatin, name calling imbeciles.....the only people who call people "fags" and "fudge eaters" and "queer" are people who secretly "eat fudge", or secretly fantasize about "eating fudge"  but are not man enough to handle the truth. Close minded, closeted a-holes who troll around anonymously spewing hate are the real faggots.

Gays are defensive because they know what they do is wrong. Fudge Eaters. 

Don't officers have more important things to do in fucking Kentucky than looking at the guys ass? Oh, wait, the officer was actually looking at his cock...ok. That is very masculine. Hey man, you are a queer because I can see your big ass and huge cock so you must leave the park and I take you home.  My home or yours? C'mon now!!! I am gay, and if I am at super market here in NYC and a hot girl drops her clothes and stay naked hanging boobs and showing her pussy and ass I guarantee you that I would never even look. If you look is because you are interested. End of the story. The officer just wants to suck his cock. But it is ky

Really. Get a grip.

Lol! You are an imbecile short minded person. This is a free country and anyone or anybody has the right to wear anything he wants! Nothing wrong with wearing a speedo!

You call yourself a DecentDad ? Do you teach your children the mature term of "Fudge Eaters?" 

Time to grow up!

Fags are like niggers, on occasion they must be put in their place. Nobody wants to see some queennie fag prancing around a family oriented water park.

You fags claim to have soooo much expendable income, so build your own water park. Or are you all tapped out on your loius vitton and pornography??

Porn is Free You Dumb Ass!!!! 

You are the biggest asshole I have ever seen!!!!! I am a Straight male and I wear a Speedo when ever i go swimming!!!!!!! Why do I wear a Speedo when I go swimming you ask your self, because I don't like my stuff flopping all around!!!!!! And how do you even know the guy was even gay???? It never even said he was gay, all it said was the Officer called him "queer". So, next time you dumb fucking asshole, make sure you read to story because you didn't read to the story, all you fucking did was just called the guy gay for wearing a Speedo. And maybe the guy is a swimmer, maybe the guy just likes to wear Speedo's, or maybe he is from Europe were wearing a Speedo is very popular!!!!

You are obviously to ashamed of your own views to use your real name. So I will keep you and others like you in my prayers tonight. By the way you may find it interesting to know that all life began in AFRICA. That would include your ancestry. You may want to read a little more and judge a little less. Matthew 7:1-3 "Judge not , that you be not Judged. For with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother' s eye, but do not see the log that is in your own eye." Sleep well Brother.

"By the way you may find it interesting to know that all life began in AFRICA. That would include your ancestry. You may want to read a little more and judge a little less. Matthew 7:1-3 "Judge not , that you be not Judged."

oh dear, we now mix religion with where life started...tut tut......and its the reason billions like me are atheists.

I'm also baffles that people will believe so called pros stating life started in Africa, there is no and never will be any proof of this, because old fossils have been found means nothing.

Americans are so like last week, wake up go and explore and you'll see how great life really is

Lemme' guess. You live in Pennsylvania on a horse ranch..and have sex with your sister.

No actually, I am a happily married Native American woman living in Indiana. If I remember correctly my ancestors were on this continent first and I don't remember reading anything about them inviting your ancestors here. So your welcome to leave anytime you'd like. I''ll even help pay your moving expenses. Homosexuals aren't the only ones with expendable incomes. I am after all a writer.

so what if your ancestors were here 1st, your ancestors came here also, your chinese and russian . and they murdered tons of INDIANS as well . so u take your fake ass back to russia

You're a writer, yet you don't know the proper use of the word your or you're? I won't even mention the missing punctuation

I realized the mistakes in my writing after posting the comments. As for the punctuation mistakes, even writers are not perfect. Being upset does tend to make someone miss things.

Ignorance at its finest. Shame on you. I will not judge you I will leave that to god.

Really, go to Kentucky Kingdom any day of the week and you will see young girls wearing close to nothing, With their boobs hanging half way out  and their butt cheeks hanging out and I guess that is family friendly, Maybe you should start kicking these girls out to. And to the LMPD officer that is so insecure with himself that he has to call someone a terrible name is an out rage and should be reprimanded. Tolerance that's what our people who serve us need to learn. I am ashamed.

Visit Brasil, every man wears a Speedo not board shorts, it's not a sign of one being gay, straight or bi.  There are more important things to focus on than whether or not someone wears a speedo.

What's wrong with eating fudge- we've all done it. It's very tasty. Seems Nigella Lawson likes eating fudge too.....saucy minx! :o) Here's her recipe. You should try it "decentdad". You know you wanna! lol

  • 250 grams soft butter
  • 1 x 397 grams can condensed milk
  • 175 ml milk
  • 2 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 800 grams granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla

Enjoy....."decentdad"- oh the irony!!! (and no, irony isn't something you get the creases out of your clothes with)

This is amazing.

"No speedo wearing but please feel free to bring your gun"

Funny, Never knew a gay man who wore a speedo. Oh, I'm sure it happens, but most of the time it's the macho man with muscles on his muscles that wears them. Now, that man might be gay, but, he's more then likely straight.
Now, I won't lie and say stereotypes have nothing to do with what I just said. However, there is a reason for this stereotype. Gay men are often gay do to extra estrogen in their systems, which would make them more feminine, Hence, gay guys normally end up looking..well, not manly. Not that manly gays don't happen, but manly gays happen because of too much testosterone  that the body sends in estrogen to balance it and adds too much,which,in turn, can cause you to be gay. Not to say you can wake up one morning gay, I'm talking early childhood and such. For the most part, all of this actually happens in the uterus
But, in all reality, if ya wanna know who's gay and who's straight with a speedo, see who's head turns the most when someone walks by in one.

This is inaccurate. Please do your research on this before posting incorrectly in the name of science. I'm guessing you read this in a blog.

This is almost as offensively ignorant as the Fudge Eater post above.

LOL Is this a serious post? I'm always entertained by the "internet experts" who believe they have an advanced degree in science while spewing complete non-sense.

I have a PhD in biology and I can tell you everything in this post is so wrong as to be comical. Seriously, stop talking you have no idea what what you're saying. 

They say ignorance is bliss. I am a gay man, I don't act feminine (to me its a turn off but to each their own) and I am appalled by the stupidity of your comment. I know quite a few gay men that act more macho than some straight men. You are sterotyping gay men based on what tv portrays homosexuals. Dare you to say that comment to any openly gay man that is in any sport and I bet you will be the one acting feminine and walking away. Stupid comments from stupid people.

There IS a study, and they claim they've proven it, that being gay has to do with the hormones of the woman during pregnancy. Testosterone and estrogen. However too much estrogen is not what makes one gay. If a man has too much estrogen there are medical issues like obesity and liver functions that are medically addressed. It's complicated, so perhaps people assume it's too much estrogen, the female hormone that makes one gay, but this is not the case.

This is the biggest bullshit I have ever read! Gay due to too much estrogen?! You don't know what you're talking about. STFU, stupid!

You obviously haven't met many gay men and you're simply taking your ideas of homosexuality on the stilted images portrayed by the media!

This is so wrong XD Omg... You obviously haven't seen enough gay people, because there are heaps that have great bodies! Maybe because a higher percentage of them have disposable income and lots of free time because most don't have children (either by choice or due to laws preventing them from doing so)...? Who knows! Having said this, it's ludicrous to think that sexuality influences how someone looks! Gay men don't have excess oestrogen either... Another stereotype based on the misguided idea that all gay guys are raging queens (props to them though :P)... It's just not true.

What is wrong with this site? Why is it you feel it is necessary to not delete some of those horrible-vile bashing troll comments. Coming to your site to read something is one thing, but being subjected to the unnecessary homophobia in the comment section is ridiculous. Delete the darned comments. Take 5 minutes to moderate. We deserve that much of your time for our patronage.

I'm really surprised that this is even an issue? Man or woman... Who even cares? And if you decide to bring your child to a water park, it is what it is. If your child asks what it is, tell them. If they don't ask then wait till a different time. I don't understand why parents decide to hold off on discussing how the "real world" is. If you are too big of a puss to discuss the "real world" then don't go to public places. Keep your kids inside. This is 2014... The world changing. Just so you know. So why does it even matter? Gay, straight, speedo, bikini, guy swimsuit, girl swimsuit... Open your mind and stop trying to play Disney...


Perhaps you should actually teach your children instead of preach to your children.

So if this guy was with a beautiful girl had his arm around her or they were holding hand yet he was still in a speedo would this be any different. And while the subject is being talked about, whats the difference between a speedo and a bikini bottom? They ate both just as revealing. Are you going to explain to your child what a camel toe is cus I guarantee when you take them to the waterpark your camel toe can be seen through your swimsuit.

Don't take them to the Olympic games. 

Two words.. Fudge eater.

good job, parent

aka.. The actual shmuck

one word .... MORON!

You are an idiot and the reason that the intelligence quotient of the US is on a decline. Your children know more about anatomy than you do. And their own naked bodies are more educational than some guy in a speedo. Raise smarter kids and they won't be confused by these sights. 

He's mad that the guys in speedos are bigger then him 

I think that Decent Dad is a Troll. I'll play along, though. You can see quite a bit in a woman's bikini, as well. Stop checking out Speedos and look at a Woman's swim suit. You can often see the Mons Pubis and Labia Majora...

Decent Dad 

You explain to your son and daughter that the "schlong" is a guys penis. Your son probably has one. I hope he does for his sake. Next we'll  be telling women to tape their breasts. There are so many backward / retarded people around. 

Oh my god! Almost everyone wears speedo in all asia while swimming in the pool or be the sea. I didn't know there are so many gay asian men and to top it off, they are selling them in every sports shops. LOL!

I'm just shocked that Kentucky is abbreviated to "KY", and they still seem to have a problem with gay guys! lol. Reading some of the homophobic comments on here, I'm glad I'm from the UK! We might have our anti-gay problems here too...but at least it's not so bible bashing related! The flock ARE actually bleating sheep....literally! Baaaa. Jesse is definitely a hotty! :o)

It's a family venue. I wouldn't want my daughter OR (especially) son around that. How do I explain that schlong hanging out all over the place? I don't wear briefs or boxers around my kids, why would I want them exposed to that s**t? 

But its okay for them to be exposed to women wearing a bikini with the camel toe showing through?

All I can say is-I feel sorry for your son or daughter. I raised my son and daughter in sunny south Florida, they're both grown now  and neither one has any hang ups about their bodies and accept all people for who they are. So sad that people with your hang ups inhabit this planet.

Let me guess?  You're perfectly OK with a woman in a thong as pasties?  Idiot!

I grew up in a conservative baptist household. I saw my dad in briefs and less growing up because we were also a comfortable household. I agree that it probably wasn't the brightest idea in this case but at home, not every family is like a convent. 

It's a water park. And he's wearing a bathing suit that has no buckles, rivets and other said items... What else is he supposed to wear? Unbelievable!  And

i love how everyone with an anti gay comment is anonymous gotta love when the trolls are out and too scared to put their name on the post for fear of having their facebook trolled... but hey thats how society is now ....pathetic

The cop knew he was gay because he was wearing speedos. Only gay dudes wear speedos. DUH!

I think the cop just wanted a closer look :) And the rest of you anonymous dicks; are your sex lives anonymous as well? Why all the anonimity...makes one wonder what's actually behind all your stupid irrational comments.

did you play the banjo in Deliverence?

Your sooo ignorant

You are an imbecile.

silly Kentucky, your worthless and no one like you.. 

You're an idiot. Kentucky will do fine without you  


Kill all the gays!!

Your a douche 

This water park is a HUGE gathering place for families, not gays. PLEASE BOYCOTT this water park amongst your tragic gay friends, as we the straights would GREATLY appreciate this, as we do not like being subjected to gross, flaming queens with their nuts down to their knees from overworked genitals due to unnatural gay sex. This park will now get even more revenue, now that it is known that gays are not accepted here.

Keep to your own island of misfit toys that keeps you away from us! FREAKS!

FYI: I bet this guy was cruisin this water park for some cock to take BB in order to spread his AIDS disease.

Mate you have it all wrong! 

Firstly you think that is our ball hanging down to our knees, nope that's our cock man.. If you don't use it, it well gets smaller.. So start using it man!! Don't be jealous that my gay brothers are hung! And what is natural, really! Carpet or pole, that are both natural.

Secondly, you believe Red Speedo guy was 'cruising'.. Nah man, if he was he would have had been spinning on one guy and tasting another, just before entering the front gate.. Gee! He was only wearing Speedo, because we can pull them off, and look damn fine! The difference between average guy 'cruising' and gay guy 'cruising'.

Thirdly, I'm surprised you know what BB means, I only mention this as a point because most of my 'straight' friends struggle with this abbreviation meaning.. So are you sure your not hiding a confession that you need to get out of your speedos..

And lastly, there is only one disease, that has posted here, that's YOU!

Peace out brother ! Make love and not war! 

I was thinking this about the BB, as well...

Agreed. This cop sounds decent to me. I wouldn't want my kids seeing that nasty shit. 

I just find it interesting that you are anonymous... Seems like a big chance to put your name to your opinion. But instead you are just a coward.and quite the ignorant one at that

Obvious troll is obvious

Wow .... just wow. Ignorant people like you are what makes our world a sad place to live in. I love that just cuz someone is gay they just have to be cruising the pools for D, right? Cuz a straight man at the pool isn't just cruising for the V, even if he is married. Quit being a hypocrit and hating on someone just cuz they are different from you.

sounds like self hating gay talk to me

Strange comments: Why would someone enter a GAY magazine to do so?. If it is so disgusting why they are here? And I hope they never go anywhere with straight Europeans guys, cause they love speedos. Refrain from going to Brazil, cause all  straight guys wear zungas (speedo like trunks).  And refrain from ever seeing Micheal Phelps train or the whole American swimming team. They also train in speedos... Gosh how difficult must be living to avoid seeing someone in speedo. Kids couldn´t care less BTW.

I will never spend my money at Kentucky Kingdom now.  Boycott.


So no name or badge number of the officer who abuses LGBT people? Interesting. None of the news on this seems to focus on that which is the most important aspect. LGBT people are heavily hated by law enforcement in this country and that needs to be recognized and fought. 

His first problem was going to Kentucky Kingdom... that place is a shithole even without the homophobia

I have not been able to read the story due to that hot body!

I know dam right

I didn't know they had Beaches in Kentucky.  I'd say this photo doesn't really go with his story. 


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