Man Convicted After Making Girlfriend Rape Autistic Son Who He Suspected Was Gay


Disgusting. Huntsville, Alabama man Sean Cole and his girlfriend Khadeijah Moore have been convicted for a sex crime they committed in 2016, and the trial shed light on just how perverse the deplorable duo truly are. After suspecting that his then eleven-year-old autistic son might be gay - on the grounds that Cole caught him in a "compromising position" with another boy, according to - Cole made Moore perform sex acts on his son, and vice versa. Madison County assistant district attorney Tim Douthit elaborated:

It was solely that (Cole) was worried that his son was gay or might become gay. There was no evidence he had a sexual attraction to his son or children. He just though he could, for lack of better words, 'straighten him out.'

Yes, because his son's greatest chance of success in life is to be more like his superstar father. After the encounter, the boy returned home to his biological mother at their home in Georgia, where his disconcerting questions regarding sex alarmed her. His mother put together the pieces and notified the Huntsville, AL police. 

Moore did not show up for her trial, so technically is considered to be a fugitive as of now. But the lawyer tasked with defending Moore had this to say in court despite her client's absence:

My client did everything at Sean Cole's direction. That doesn't make it OK. That doesn't make it right. As sorry as I am that my client is in this much trouble, I respect that jury for what they had to do.

Cole's girlfriend was found guilty of "rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a child younger than 12." Douthit added the disturbing sentiment:

The most terrible part of this is the little boy still doesn't understand it's not his fault.

Truly, truly heartbreaking.

H/T: NY Post