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Man Crashes Into Chicken Joint, Strips...And Chokes His Chicken!

Crown Fried Chicken must have a very special recipe because a New Jersey man crashed his car into one of their fine establishments in Philadelphia on Monday and rather than assessing the damage, he decided to strip down and pleasure himself to the delight/horror of onlookers!

PhillyMag has the mildly NSFW video--don't worry, you won't see him choking his chicken as he's shot from the back, but it's a sight for sore eyes, nonetheless. 

PhillyMag writes:

Though the video isn’t 100% clear as to the self-pleasuring activity, the man who shot the video tells me, “Oh, he was most definitely making himself feel happy.”

Clearly this gentleman is feeling no pain. We may have to Shazam that song he's dancing to though because he appears to be really into it!

The man was charged with a DUI (no charges for indecent exposure, etc.).

Think he ordered a drum stick??


Wow! If the shadow on the car is any indicator this man's a monster!! LOL!

Some people just CAN NOT handle winter !   lol

What?.... You mean that sidewalk spectator didn't cover his dog's eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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