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Man Dresses As Female To Capture Friend's Ideal Couple Photograph

Man Dresses As A Female To Capture Perfect Couple's Photograph

“People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend”


Are you truly in a relationship if it’s not officially stated on social media? In this day and age, no, you aren't. Cause you know, everything has to be advertised nowadays. Gone is privacy. We're all famous on the internet! Well, the same relationship fears of advertising love that LGBTQ couples deal with is alive and well in the heterosexual communities. Everyone wants to love, feel loved, and for some reason, make their love public.

A method of showing off your significant other on Instagram has led to photographs of holding hands from the back. This usually is seen with one person walking forward, extending their arm behind them, with their hand being held by their significant other/photographer. It’s quite cute. Here is an example:

According to a video posted by the hysterical vlogger, Mr. Technical Difficult, one man wasn’t lucky enough to find his summer fling. In the absence of a girlfriend, the man decided to use his long-haired, male friend to capture the perfect moment to make everyone jealous. Here is the result:

So funny! I was just telling you all Instagram has a high rate of frauds! But, the real kick is the video that was posted along with the photo! It shows the man undressing, wrapping himself in a towel, and flicking his hair behind him for the ultimate couple picture. Bravo, boys! Way to fool us all and give us a laugh. I need more friends like these! Check out the super funny video below!



Do you have a best friend who would pose as your significant other for you?!