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Man Goes In For Circumcision, Wakes Up Without His Penis

We're not entirely sure what compels an adult male to voluntarily get circumcised (we figure it's a little late in the game at that point), but this would certainly have us rethinking it!

A man has filed a malpractice suit against an Alabama hospital after he went in for a circumcision and woke up to find that his penis had been amputated instead. 

That's way more than a snip, doc. reports:

A man says in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed this week that he went in for a circumcision last month at Princeton Baptist Medical Center and awoke to find his penis had instead been amputated.

The man and his wife filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham. He names the hospital, Urology Centers of Alabama, the Simon-Williamson Clinic and two doctors as defendants in the case.


"When the plaintiff ... awoke from his aforesaid surgical procedure, his penis was amputated," according to the lawsuit. The plaintiffs "never gave consent for the complete or partial amputation of (his) penis."


The lawsuit claims that the man was never provided with an explanation as to the medical necessity of an amputation nor was never warned the circumcision procedure could result in an amputation.

Defendants were negligent for failing to seek assistance from a consulting physician when problems or difficulties were noted during the circumcision procedure, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit doesn't specify how much the man is seeking in damages.

We're never going to the hospital again.


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ASHLEIGH ROSE HICKS-HEIDKAMP a local dragqueen in Birmingham Alabama has stated that he wish it had been him that his happen to, as his cock is an everyday reminder of that he does not want to be.

I saw this ASHLEIGH ROSE HICK HEIDKAMP and his husband at walmart recently and was shocked at how scary they look in the daylight. If anyone needs their cock removed its him, as they both look like ones who would abduct and sexually torture young kids.

a circumcised penis is not healthier than an uncircumcised. read the studies. you're ignorant and non-scientific.

Cut or uncut, they both look good to me and as far as I know health wise supposedly bacteria can build under the foreskin, but as long as an uncircumcised man keeps his penis clean there's really no medical risk I know of for being natural.

A circumcised penis is a healthier penis.

Sometimes it's medically necessary to get circumcised, beyond infancy. I know of a 13 year old and a senior who both had to have this done. Much more painful than infancy, I'm sure!

Not that I recommend it; it's one sure way of birth control. No peni, no sex, no seman, & no baby. OUCH! Men: leave the penis alone. It will work just fine the way it is. 

The Banana & Knife picture has got to go!

I'm dumb & ignorant for having an opinion & preference? GROW UP!!!

You're anonymous, dude.

The appearance of a cut penis is so much more attractive than uncut. For me it's a deal breaker. But that's just me. Some men LOVE the uncut, ugly, manatee looking appendage. 

You're dumb for saying something so ignorant. How were we all born? Exactly!

It is how we are all born unfortunately all too of us mutilated at birth without our consent.  Why anyone would prefer a desensitized dried up mutilated penis is beyond me.  I shall forever be angry that a healthy part of my body was amputated without my consent at birth for no reason!

I was cut at birth, had no choice in what was done.  It is a natural part of the body at birth and serves a function.  I hate being cut and wish I had what was mine and taken away.

In my humble opinion, the only men qualified to comment on the merits or otherwise of being circumcised are those who were cut as adults (as I was a few years ago). Having experienced both as a mature adult, I prefer the function and appearance of my penis cut than I did before.

One more proof that circumcision is not a good idea. 

This is why I never recommend genital cutting for any reason.  You could lose your penis.  This has happened to babies and men (David Reimer, for example.)  I HATE that I was circumcised.  Although I still have my penis, it is permanently damaged.  I HATE BEING CUT.

I HATE being cut too!!!!! It should be outlawed. No one asked me if they could cut part of my body off:(

Sl - if you truly believe you reap what you sew, then surly you will be reaping from your mean and insensitive comment. Jerk!

I was circumcised as a baby, but mine was botched as well, though it was left intact. The underside of my glans is flatter than it should be and is covered with scar tissue. The avast tissue is sensor so I have that going for me.

don't be cunts

some of us think uncut penises are discusting

I agree uncut r the most disgusting looking things. It maybe natural but but gross.

...and some of is realize the word is spelled disgusting.

If you are going to be critical of someone's spelling, be sure you have checked your own grammar, that would be "us" not "is"


Ashliegh Rose Hicks-Heidkamp from Birmingham Alabama said that she wish this had been her instead, as she cant afford the operation on her own from working drag.

I saw this Ashliegh Rose Hicks-Heidkamp at Walmart recently with her husband and OMG!!! I was stunned at what a CIRCUS SIDE SHOW FREAK she and her backwoods husband are!! They honestly look like ones who would abduct and torture kids.

You people are a bunch of bitchy queens!  If you don't like articles posted by Instinct, STOP READING THEM... nobody is forcing you!  And, this especially goes for "Anonymous"... who apparently doesn't have any balls (maybe they were surgically removed too) and is afraid to put out his name!

Randy your are right if you do not like what you read stop coming here and take your poison some where else.

You reap what you sew in this life and this Alabama guy clearly reaped what he had sewn or else such a terrible thing would not had happened to him. I think its HILARIOUS, as he was looking forward to more sexual encounters post circumcision, but now he has NOTHING to play with! LMFAO!! He might as well roll over and become every faggotts cum dump now! LMFAO!!

You sir are an idiot 

Sir or idiot? I suspect idiot. 

Typical Instinct article. WORST writers EVER! My 8 year old niece can write better than Instinct's writers. 

I feel this is a little disrespectful to the man who had to endure this. I truly don't understand why anyone would want to be circumcised or have a procedure for one. Technically, it IS part of the penis, but that is beside the point. The man who write this article most likely still has his penis, and the men commenting on this article most likely still have theirs. It is insensitive to write off this man as a punch line for a story from CNN, I mean Instinct Magazine. It was much more than simply "waking up without his penis". He is confused, he is angry and heartbroken and absolutely, physically and emotionally devastated. The portion of himself that defines a vast part of his identity has been taken from him again his will. This is not a story to share without the right amount of information, if this man has even given his approval for everyone to know what has happened. I'm sorry to see this happen to someone.

If he had just left his penis as nature intended instead of having the best part cut off he may still have a penis. Even if his foreskin was   tight he could have stretched  used steroids . Radical circumcision is only required on about 1 out of every 11 ,000 men,  the others are fooled  into having  it done  by quack Doctors and ignorant sexual partners. I will forever be angry I was circumcised at birth  without  my consent . It is too bad he lost his penis,  I suppose now at least he has a reason to tell his sexual partners he is a total bottom!

Usually when a man of this age is circumcised it is because he did not  skin it back and clean it.  A nasty infection has accrued and the only recourse was or is circumcision.So I'm thinking he did not disserve to keep his fore-skin or his penis.  If you can't take care of it you should not be allowed to keep it.....  Just saying...

First of all, one in10 uncircumcised men get a rare condition where the skin begins to close near the tip ( I should know, it happened to me). So before you feel the need to condemn another's decision of a procedure of this magnitude, you should consider the reasons behind it.

First of all I dated a man with this condition secondly I have the misfortune of being related to two men who had to be circumcised due to very poor Hygiene. 

IM confused. Did you speak with this man yourself?  How do you know that he allows his penis to define his identity?  Secondly, you should understand that this man chose to make this public when he filed suit against a hospital. The lawsuit is public record. Lastly, instinct reported FACTS. They did nothing immoral or illegal. 

People shut up. They can say whatever they want... It's Instincts magazine, site, and business to put their thoughts out there. If you don't like what they have to say, don't read their articles, dip shits...

Omg! I would take them to the cleaners!! I'd have their whole hospitals bank account drained!! How the hell does something like this happen? I'd be pissed if it were a finger let alone my cock! I'm 22 and I still plan on using it at least 600 more times before I die. (with my BF lol) I hope he gets rich, poor guy.

I am 56 had mine done 3 months ago for medical reasons  you dip shits, not a happy bunny

Don't be ignorant - adult circumcision may be medically necessary or suggestion. Even if strictly a choice, circumcision is a matter for a patient and his doctor.  None of your business nor for your commentary.

The author just gave his opinion in one sentence. Hardly a commentary. And it was an OPINION! We're all entitled to one.

Except that in a news story, the writer should NOT give their opinion, especially one that might insult many readers.

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