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Man Proposes To Boyfriend w/ Help From Boyfriend's Five Kids!

Instincters, have you seen this Christmas day marriage proposal from Tommy Hanna to his boyfriend Paul (with an important assist from Paul's five kids)??

You may want to grab your tissues:

Tommy writes:

"On Christmas day I proposed to my boyfriend. I come from a traditional Christian Lebanese Family and Paul comes from a Mormon background. He was married before and has 5 children, 4 adopted since birth and also a biological son. I had all the kids help in my proposal but no one knew. They asked me, 'Who is the gift for?' And I said, 'To all of us.' I hope you enjoy my video and it makes a difference for all people -- no matter where you come from."

Excuse us, there's something in our eye... Congrats, guys!!!


(H/T: Towleroad)



it says the video was taken down =( how heartbreaking. 

What a beautiful family full of love!!! Congrats!

That is awesome I wish you all the very best is life

Damn you guys are killing me! You have me crying in the morning...and damn the music in the background doesnt help either!!! ARGH!!! Where is my box of tissues? Damn guys!!!

Speechless.. I am crying

I can't even... 

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