Man Shares On Talk Show: 'I'm Proud Of My Small Penis'

A gentleman by the name of Ant Smith stopped by UK chat show This Morning to proudly discuss his small penis. (He specifically states that he doesn't like the term "micropenis," which he believes is a "specific medical term.")

According to Attitude:

The hosts discuss the difference in penis sizes between ‘resting’ and ‘extended’ with Ant and – in a particularly awkward moment – Ant approaches one of the cutouts and pulls the ‘penis’ through the opening to demonstrate its growth when erect.

According to figures presented on the show, the average erect penis is 5.16 inches, while Ant’s is 4.

Watch the full interview:

For his part, Ant is proud of his penis and he says it has no impact on his sex life.

“I use more than just that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife,” he said.

Get it, Ant!!


(H/T: Attitude)