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Man Sues OKCupid After He's Swindled Out Of $70,000 By Online Boyfriend

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It appears cupid's arrow hit the wrong target this time. OKCupid that is. 

Michael Picciano, 65, is suing match-making site OKCupid, after he was swindled out of $70,000 by his internet lover that he met on the site in February 2013. 

Sadly, after a few mere months of correspondence via the site, Skype, the phone, and email Picciano agreed to financially assist his new online love Bruce Thompson (screenname: "genuineguy62"). 

From the New York Post:

Picciano says he “felt comfortable” with his new beau and readily agreed to wire Thompson $24,000 “for unexpected fees he incurred in his dealings setting up a new computer-parts business” — even though the instructions required Picciano to send the money to a “Dennis E. Racer” in Addison, Texas, and an “Edmond Thebeau” in Canada.

Then in April, Picciano sent yet another payment of $46,420 at Thompson’s request to “MacBenson and Associates” in the UK through his Capital One bank account, the suit says.

That same month, Picciano got wise to the ruse.

Since going to the police Picciano has received a forged check and a loan note from Thompson, with no fingerprints. It's also been revealed that Thompson's personal email address and his Ohio-based phone number were used to perpetrate other frauds.

Picciano is now suing OKCupid and its parent company IAC for failing to conduct “even minimal screening of its subscribers and therefore deceptively creating the impression that their dating service was safe . . . when in fact . . . [it] was a trap for the unwary,” according to his civil suit. 

What do you think, Instincters? Sadly, Picciano was duped by someone willing to take advantage of his generous spirit, but is OKCupid in any way to blame??


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he is an idiot.  Who would send money to anyone you have never meet in person

hey, the man is 65 years old, he didn't grow up with the internet like we did so he doesn't know any better. He may not have a case but we ought to show the man some respect. He probably sacrificed quite a bit for the gay rights that we take for granted. Some of these comments are out of line.

new rule: when there's a high road, take it. When there isn't, make it.

What a dumbass. Good luck trying to sue OKCupid. The judge is gonna laugh your ass right outta court

Buyer beware. Unfortunately, many older people are lonely and are suckered in. 

Mr. Picciano,

You're a rich idiot! Not only are you incredibly stupid but also lazy. Relationships are not products you buy on the internet. Both parties need to be present and some, ummm, work needs to go into them. How can you hold someone else responsible for your laziness? It was your choice to squander your money. Don't place that burden on a company that is merely trying to find your sorry ass a boyfriend. Good luck trying to prove your case. Since you like throwing your money away, here's your chance to line the pockets of a $500.00/hour attorney. But I bet you enjoy the attention.

These "romance" scams are a real issue unfortunately.  Twice I've met people online who played along like they were interested and then asked for money.  Fortunately, I knew enough about these confidence games to say no.  Just last week, a woman friend of mine said that someone pretending to be an soldier stationed in Afghanistan attempted the same type of thing on her.

People were doing these type of "romance" swindles for centuries prior to the internet.  "Confidence" scams are the oldest in the book.

While I stopped pursuing online dating myself, and while I feel bad for Mr. Picciano for being scammed out of money -- and this happens all too much to people straight and gay -- I don't believe OKCupid is responsible for this scam artist.

How is OKCupid responsible for Mr.Picciano's sheer stupidity?  This is simply a matter of not being willing to take responsibility for one's own actions and trying to pass the blame off on a 3rd party.  Ridiculous.

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