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'Man v. Food' Host Adam Richman Strips Down, Reveals Major Weight Loss

​Man v. Food host Adam Richman gone from cuddly to studly!

The former Travel Channel host revealed his major weight loss in a nude spread for Cosmopolitan UK:

From Today:​

"To go from hating the way I looked to being a Cosmo centerfold is a profound honor," Richman told the magazine. "If you're a guy who's always been the fun-to-be-around teddy bear, then all of a sudden people are viewing you as sexy, it's nice."


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)



He's a jerk.

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Holy crap...If only I was 20 yrs I love men with a hairy chest 

It's not NUDE if somethings covering your junk! Heck, I'm NUDE under my clothes !

Adam is one handsome (as all heck) gentleman.  Clearly he's unlike (and therefore superior to) those vapid gays that value their 27" waist and perfectly coiffured man parts over any substance.  

I have always loved me some Adam Richman. He has always been one sexy beast. All I have to say is MOVE THE DAMN BALL! Lol.

I have always found that guy smoking hot who doesn't like a nice furry teddy bear? specially one that handsome either way I would never kick him out of bed.

I always thought he was hot. I'm just happy he didn't have a heart attack with the crap he eats on that show... I guess not anymore :)

Why you gotta be a hater? 

Reminds me of Jonathan Quinn and soooo many others who lose weight, then think they are soooo cool, yet they still need to get their lazy gross asses to a gym. Still have that disgusting saggy skin though!

Still on foodstamps J??

Jesus. I would love to see what you look like. It's haters like you that make the world ugly. Someone does something good for themselves and the only thing that comes out your mouth is shit...brush your teeth.

Nothing to do about saggy, excess skin except surgery.  He took the first step....losing the weight. 

Lame as life leaves you online trying to shade someone else's accomplishment. hashtag JEALOUSMUCHDOUCHEBAG


Ok Adam move the Ball Away and show me your dick.

WOW! Adam you look great and those pretty ass legs.. YUM!

congrats handsome :-)

As people have said Adam has always been mighty fine....................and ANONMYOUS....your just a wanker who needs a poke in the eye with a shitty stick!

This guy has always been a hottie!  Period.  He looks great now and he looked great before.  How could you look at that handsome face, those sparkling, mischievous eyes and not think so?  No matter what his size, the dude is a sparkler.  I just wish he was gay.  

Yummmmmm daddy

I always thought he was hot and his personality made him even hotter. Now he looks like he's super happy which makes him that much hotter! Always liked Adam and always will. Congrats on the weight loss!!

Looking ab fab there ... you always have & always will no matter what ... you're an awesome person, a great guy & always will be! You go Adam!!! I think you're perfecto just as you :)

He's hot. Would hit it!

Adam you should have had a leaf there!!you're a damn hot teddy bear!ahaha

Why do people always try to belittle other people for losing weight good for him he lost weight someone believes that calling names makes them feel better cause they have issues with themselves what a sad pathetic way to deal with your problems on that note I say right on on the weight loss 

Congratulations Adam, still looking hot

He was always hot.  Now he's just healthy and hot ;)


He's still an old, hairy, flabby troll!!!

You FATTIES think tht just because you lose weight that you are suddenly HOTT, yet we all think you are still GROSS as phuck with that loose, saggy skin left behind.

You are such an asshole!

What a kind of imbecile you are ?

That's why your sorry ass put the comment anonymously.... You are irrelevant & don't matter. Keep your stupid comments to yourself. Ugly on the inside no matter how attractive on the outside STILL makes for an ugly motherfucker who is doomed to live a life worth no substance. Fuck off asshole.

Seriously?  Let's see some pix of you.  

Wow!  How frigging intolerant can you be?!?!  You will go broke spending all your money on facelifts, Botox, collegian injections, and whatever you can find to try to keep yourself from losing your "youthful" look.  You will end up an aging, lonely, bitter queen!  You've already got the bitter queen down, now you just need to scamper along and find your circle of twink fags to stroke each others egos!

Hopefully, one day, you will realize the worth of person is not in how they look, but in how they treat others.  Until that day.....YOU FAIL!

"One day, you will realize the worth of a person is not how they look but how they treat others" I completely agree with this statement...

How exactly do you feel how your comments are treating others?

Hate to tell you this. But your aging right now. That means your going to be a old troll your self one day. But your stupid right now . Kisses twiggy .

Once again we find ignorance and hate amongst our own kind. You're probably the one who wants equal rights but yet still think its okay to belittle another person. You should think before you speak. Don't worry sweetie, you won't keep that body you have for the rest of your life. You're gonna sag and wrinkle just like everyone in the human race.

Go back under your bridge, Troll...

Literally loled in my office... awesome lmao

Oh for Pete's sake... if you want acceptance, you have to grant acceptance. If you aren't into his body type, that's just fine. But don't try to shame him, because even if you are perfect in your own eyes, you are far from it in the eyes of many. While how we look isn't completely in our power, how we act, how we treat others really is-- and that's a far more valid measurement of a man's worth.

Well said..

I waste 2 seconds of my life by reading your comment. Friggin troll! 

Why didn't your dumb bitch of a mother not abort you? Lol a skinny in shape guy just letting u know... You are UGLY... ANONYMOUS PUSSSYY

The tone of your comment speaks volumes regarding your "personality".  It's not pretty. 

Bitchy pussy who ain't getting anything more like... he was cute before and is attractive now. He may not be a supermodel but he is attractive.

also, the above comment was directed at the cruel person who was insulting large people who loose weight not the other comment.... I think the previous comments summarize my disgust to such judgmental behaviour

I know that's right! LOL Best response ever!  

wow are you bitter or what??? no need to be cruel geez give the guy some credit for losing the weight and looking the way he wants to look!! I commend him for doing it!!

Finally showing real men, and not skinny models!

Good for Adam! Hopefully, good health will keep him around with us and happy a long time.

As for me, I think he's cute him either way. And am very grateful he didn't manscape his chest hair into oblivion for the shoot.

Always thought you were hot anyways but now...Wow!!


always thought he was adorable anyway!

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