Man With 'World's Largest Member' is Now Registered as Disabled

A man from Mexico who is believed to have the world's largest penis has officially been registered as disabled because of it.  And you thought you were having a rough hump day.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, who hails from the northern town of Saltillo, has an 18.9 inch manhood which he created himself by stretching it using weights.  Clever!

He is now receiving government handouts because he is refusing to get a reduction.  Why? Because he is hoping it will find him work in the American porn industry.  

He also claims he is unable to work because he can't wear a uniform and cannot get on his knees (so he's a top?) and is shunned by his employers because of it. 

Click here for the link of him and his member (majorly pixilated).  Good luck on your new career move! 



Two questions: Can he even get hard after stretching it to that length and is so is it like a pencil?

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