Map: The Global Acceptance Of Homosexuality

The good folks at Pew Research have given us a handy map that'll help us plan our future international travels. According to Pew's "Global Acceptance of Homosexuality" research, the U.S. is in the middle of pack when it comes to countries that are tolerant of gays, while Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada and Australia all seem to be gay meccas, with their citizens waiting for us with open arms. 

Pew Research has more:

Views of homosexuality are particularly positive in Spain (88% say it should be accepted by society), Germany (87%), Czech Republic (80%), Canada (80%), Australia (79%), France (77%), Britain (76%), Argentina (74%), Italy (74%) and Philippines (73%).

Conversely, fewer than one-in-ten in Nigeria (1%), Tunisia (2%), Ghana (3%), Senegal (3%), Egypt (3%), Jordan (3%), Indonesia (3%), Uganda (4%), Palestinian territories (4%) and Kenya (8%) say homosexuality should be accepted by society.

Surprised by any of the results?