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Mardi Gras New Orleans Reverse Parade Shows A City Welcome & Open To All

When it comes to New Orleans, it's almost a home away from home for me.  I have love for many cities in the United States, but my love for the Crescent City might just be the strongest.

And that may be why this video hit me the hard, having me get all teary eyed within the first few seconds of the clip.  But I think a love for the Big Easy may not be needed to feel the power of this clip.




If there ever was a place where diversity and equality were present and active, it is New Orleans. If there ever was a celebration to honor diversity and equality, it is Mardi Gras New Orleans. To emphasize this important message that New Orleans is ‘always open’, New Orleans tourism joined people from all over the community at New Orleans’ famous Bourbon and St. Ann streets to march together in its first-ever Reverse Parade.

Through word of mouth, some four hundred citizens gathered and volunteered their time to create a message of diversity and equality. Donning full make-up, Mardi Gras garb, beads, or just plain clothes, the New Orleans community and its supporters marched backwards in a symbolic gesture shedding colorful clothing and masks along the way. Everything stopped, quiet ensued, then a flag appeared stating “We Are Never Going Back.” Music filled the streets as participants marched forward in celebration.

New Orleans Tourism along with its partner agency, 360i, supported the effort and created an impactful film directed by Trent Jaklitsch. -


If have not been to New Orleans yet, it is a must. I'll be back soon!

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