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Margaret Cho Gives Herself ALS Ice Bucket Enema

Oh dear. Margaret Cho took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where no man or woman has or should. 

If you need us, we'll be in the fetal position protecting our nether regions. Watch--if you dare!

Can't fake that.

Margaret went on to challenge Kathy Griffin. Your move, Kathy. 

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raises awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

What did you think of Margaret's take on the challenge?


WVBILLY I understand its about awareness but this isnt awareness for hookers who have contracted syphilis. This is about people who deserve respect and honor. I doubt the people she is reaching with this display of vulgarity are so stupid had she dumped ice water on her head they would not get the idea of ALS awareness but then again this is Margaret Cho.

I didn't get to see the video but for the individual who referred to as tasteless after commenting the challenge was to raise awareness. Well sick or not tasteless or tasteful Margaret Cho taking an ice enema on video well that is going to raise a lot of questions why and peak curiosity which I think in the end means someone is going to become aware which in effect means mission accomplished. Just saying.

Ok, I feel the need to comment because of all the horrid comments by other people. I LOVE Margaret Cho. This is very much her sense of humor. She is a wonderful person, a hysterical comedian, and a unique human being. We all celebrate our differences. If you don't like her, that's your prerogative. But to create ad hominem attacks on a person you do not KNOW is horribly childish and rude.

Mt mother in law died a horrific death thanks to ALS. The ice challenge was meant to bring awareness etc and have fun doing so. To douche/enema instead of dumping ice water is just tasteless (as is majority of her so called humor) it is vile and uncalled for. I have no idea what goes through a humans mind to wish to shove something in the vagina or anus for all the world to see whether it is to raise money or not. This is not a perverted disease but this action clearly was. If she wants to hang out with friends and douche/enema herself to death that is okay by me because it is private but to do it for everyone to see is disgraceful but sadly the world we are becoming is one that thinks this behavior is all funny and okay. and whether I know her or not is not relevant  if someone behaves badly they behave badly. If someone does something vile they have done something vile. The act of douching/enema whichever orifice she claims to be injecting ice water into in a public forum is very distasteful. I have seen Margaret Cho one time and that was all i needed. I love good comedy but hers wasn't it. If you love her comedy great but i am saddened you think that this ALS video is.

I really cannot stand this woman. She has no talent other than to shock people with her grossness and to cozy up to gay men who feed her constant need for attention. 

I think she is more of a pig now than she was before. Very nice to honor ALS in such a way. She is living proof money cannot buy class. She should be ashamed but sadly she likes being disgusting because she was never taught any different. At least we can say she is what she used!

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