Margaret Cho Signs Onto Tina Fey's New Comedy!

The feather headdress we wore to Viva Saturdays in Hell's Kitchen the other night has come in handy! The TV comedy drought left in the wake of departures from certain heavyweights and screwy scheduling of remaining critical darlings (we're looking at you NBC re: Parks & Rec) will soon be over as a wealth of side-slapping entertainment prepares to rain down on us. 

We were already looking forward to Tina Fey's follow-up project to 30 Rock, but now that Margaret Cho has signed on to star in the new series, we're ready to give it ALL THE AWARDS. The tentatively-titled show centers on Cabot women's college where Cho plays the school's president who has just decided to open the doors to male students. 

It won't be the first time Cho and Fey have teamed their comedy chops up; Cho won an Emmy for playing late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on 30 Rock

(Via Indiewire)