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Marines Joyfully Sing "Let It Go" From 'Frozen'

Well our day's made! 

These marines are totally enraptured by Frozen and they aren't even trying to hide it as they join in for a show-stopping "Let It Go" sing-a-long! 

Bill Nuche, a marine in Bryan, Texas, originally posted the video on Facebook on Tuesday, writing: 

Ok this is what happens when you let a bunch of marines watch "Frozen". They are all waiting for a specific part at about 2:20 in.

He later posted on Thursday:

One of our NCOs came to inspect the barracks. Apparently a Facebook friend of his shared my video. He requested I take it down. So I shall. But it's already out there. There is no stopping it now, mwah ha ha!

Ahh, let the guys have their fun!! Watch! 

This is pure joy!! Thanks, guys!!


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If they can "let it go" we all can.

Enjoy guys! In one year, you could be killed in a stupid war with Russia in the Ukraine!

But I sure hope not! 

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