Mark Wahlberg Looks Truly AMAZING In Shirtless Easter Video


This Easter you don't need to go hunting for an amazing new shirtless peek at Mark Wahlberg, because the truly ageless forty-six-year-old and devout Catholic strips down in a new Instagram video, letting us know the true reason for the season!

In addition to being a man of God, Wahlberg is also a man of protein bars and Aqua Hydrate - a company he owns with Just Diddy - and in the new post, he celebrates the end of Lent by pimping both products after mostly giving up social media for forty days. I seriously don't trust an Instagram celebrity that doesn't try to get me to buy protein bars or at least a good herbal tea laxative, so this is a win for me. I just ate fifty-five of Mark's bars. Can't, stop. Help.



Happy Easter to you all. Make sure to check out my AQUAhydrate partners in the UK! #elbrookcashandcarry @aquahydrateuk

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Mark Wahlberg has a relatively good track record with the LGBTQ community, and at the very least, came out as pro-gay marriage. Although in 2017 he admitted to not discussing the issue with members of the Catholic church, stating:

I haven't spoken with the cardinal or the pope about [gay marriage]. I just think we have a lot more important issues to be worrying about. For me, I've got my own issues to deal with. ... I go to confession and I want to continue to work hard on myself.

Wahlberg has dedicated his life to fitness, and it definitely shows in this new video. His body looks like that of a twenty-something and his Just For Men realness is everything we could have wanted this Easter. Praise Jesus!