Marriage Equality Advocate Is Running For The Office Of The County Clerk Who Had Him Arrested

We wish we would've been a drone in the sky above the Dallas County Clerk's building earlier this month when it was announced that Mark "Major" Jiminez has decided to run for that very office. 

Jiminez and his partner Beau Chandler (both Instinct Leading Men of 2012) attempted to receive a marriage license from the County Clerk on four separate occasions since 2012, two of which ended with Jiminez in jail. Jiminez promised the Clerk that he would conitnue to fight despite the arrests, and has finally revealed his master plan: run for Dallas County Clerk himself against incumbent John Warren.

The Dallas Voice has more:

Jiminez explained that, if elected, he doesn’t plan to issue himself a marriage license. Instead, he believes that just working in an office that can’t issue him a license would bring awareness to marriage inequality in Texas.

Jiminez said he began thinking about running for the office after his last attempt to get a marriage license in July. He asked for a letter from the county clerk explaining why the office would not issue a license to a same-sex couple. He said he was promised the letter, and, after being told to pick it up, he was kept waiting five hours. He was then again threatened with arrest at the end of the day when the building closed. He waited downstairs, and, finally, the letter was handed to him.

He said that on its website, the county clerk’s office defines its mission as giving exceptional customer service.

“What we got wasn’t anything like good customer service,” he said. “Actually giving good customer service would be my goal as county clerk.”

Jiminez said he understood Warren’s office could not legally issue the license.

“But he should be out there fighting for our rights,” he said.

Jiminez's chances in the March primary are pretty good, thanks to the large Democratic crowd the upcoming ballot featuring Rep. Wendy Davis' run for governor should draw. 

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