Married Gay Woman Elected in Oklahoma District That Voted For Trump

An openly gay married mother of three was just elected to Oklahoma state senate in a district that strongly supported Donald Trump in last year's presidential election.

Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman, who now represents Oklahoma's Senate District 37, flipped a red seat blue while defeating her opponent, Republican candidate Brian O’Hara, with 31 votes.

Ikley-Freeman will take the seat formerly occupied by State Sen. Dan Newberry, a Republican, who chose to resign to focus on his banking career, according to the Associated Press.

Shareblue Media reports that Ikley-Freeman is the third openly LGBT person to serve in the Oklahoma State Legislature, after state Sen. Al McAffrey and state Rep. Kay Floyd.

The newly-elected official is an experienced therapist, and works for a non-profit, community mental-health agency in Tulsa.

Although Republicans will retain supermajorities in the Oklahoma House and Senate, with Ikley-Freeman, Democrats were able to flip a total of four seats in the historically right-leaning state.