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Marriott Urges Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation


Marriott International, Inc., has just made public a letter sent to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. The clock is ticking on Gov. Brewer's window of availability to sign legislation allowing refusal of goods and services to gays into law, so Marriott hopes an appeal to the economic issues involved in the decision will have her issuing a veto instead of a signature. 

Reads the letter in part:

Dear Governor Brewer:

We write to respectfully urge you to exercise your veto power in connection with SB 1062. This measure, passed by the legislature last week to ostensibly address the exercise of religious freedom by business owners and operators, would have profound negative impacts on the hospitality industry in Arizona and on the state's overall economic climate for years to come. 

The CEOs of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Leadership and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council have also written to Gov. Brewer urging a veto. 

After analyzing the bill, we are very concerned about the effect it could have on Arizona’s economy. As leaders in the business community, we cannot support measures that could expose our businesses to litigation, nor do we want to send a message that our state is anything but an open and attractive place for visitors and the top talent that will be the cornerstone of our continued economic growth.

If specific Arizona issues related to religious liberty are identified, we would stand ready to work with anyone to ensure that any solution addresses those problems while also ensuring that all individuals feel welcome in our state and that business is not hurt.

Brewer has until Friday to sign or veto the legislation; if she takes no action, the bill automatically becomes law.

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Yeah, thanks Marriott (isn't it owned by the Mormon church still) for proving that the mighty dollar is more important then defending peoples rights, every religious hypocrite can be bought!!!  They don't want us buying their products-lets BOYCOTT- just like we did Barilla pasta- and lets frequent more gay and gay friendly business.

Here is a thought, veto the law and just have the people who hate gays put a sticker on their window(like an upside down cross), this way we know they refuse to serve gays.... let hate pay their rents---- done... lmao

Are you thanking Marriot for their stand or bashing them?  Looks more like you are bashing them when they are the ones coming out in support of the veto.

Thank you Marriott!

If this bill is passed, I think all of us would view Arizona as a state that none of us would want to patronize or visit. Even if they state that gays are welcome at their particular establishment, how do you know if the restaurant next door may refuse to serve you.  Or the parking garage or the gift shop down the street. Perhaps that's what the homophobes want . But I would certainly hope it would ripple serious, negative, economic repercussions. One that they would soon regret. 

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