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Martin Shkreli Wishes He'd Raised Price Of AIDS Drug By More Than 5000%

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli is now stating that he wishes he'd raised the price on the AIDS drug Daraprim by more than the 5000% that made him the object of scorn worldwide.

The cost of the drug was raised from $13.50 to $750 overnight, and Shkreli promised to lower the price following the public backlash.

He's since had a clear change of heart.

From Gay Star News:

‘I think I could have it raised it higher and made even more profit,’ he told Forbes Healthcare Summit on Thursday (3 December).

His justification?

‘This is a capitalist society, capitalist system and capitalist rules,’ Shkreli continued.

‘My investors expect me to maximize profits, not to minimize them, or go half, or go 70%, but to go to 100% of the profit curve that we’re all taught in MBA class.’

That's dark, man.



Where'd he get his MBA? Clearly he skipped the day they discussed "Publicity."

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