Masculinity Survey Finds More Than 50% Of Gay Men Change Their Behavior At Work To 'Fit In'

A recent survey continues to shed light on the perceptions and attitudes gay men have toward masculinity.

Out of 5,000 gay men polled for Attitude magazine's "Masculinity Survey," 54% admitted to altering their behavior so as to be perceived as “more masculine” in the workplace.

And apparently, those concerns extend beyond the office, since 50% of the men surveyed said that they have changed their behavior so as not to appear effeminate around straight family members and/or friends.

Attitude’s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Cain comments on the survey findings:

“Masculinity is in crisis."

He continues:

"...I’ve spent much of my life being made to feel as if I’m less of a man for being gay. And that any signs of femininity I may exhibit make me a less important or less valued member of society. And I know lots of other gay men who feel the same way. In this context, it can be bewildering to get our heads round what it means to be a man. That’s why the team here at Attitude wanted to do this special issue devoted to exploring the subject."

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