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Matt Bomer: I've Been Married For Three Years & Behind-The-Scenes Of His 'Details' Cover Shoot

White Collar and The Normal Heart star Matt Bomer is the cover guy for the May issue of Details Magazine and they're taking us behind-the-scenes for his cover shoot!

Check Matt out!

Also, did we know that Matt married his partner Simon Halls in 2011?!

We feel like this is new news, but considering that Mr. Bomer is pretty private (as celebs go), it's no surprise that he didn't make a big announcement over his nuptials!

When discussing The Normal Heart playwright Larry Kramer, Matt tells Details:

"I wouldn't have a lot of the rights I have today if it wasn't for people like Larry," Bomer says. Marriage, for one, comes to mind. Bomer married his longtime partner, the Hollywood publicity executive Simon Halls, in 2011. The couple have three sons: 6-year-old twins and an 8-year-old.

Belated congrats to the happy couple!

We can't wait to see Matt's performance in The Normal Heart on May 25 on HBO! 


(H/T: E! Online)


I feel like it is a sad state if affairs that so many folks react with anger, hostility or shock and surprised when gay couples announce their relationships and some details. I am glad to see more and more couples coming forth with this, it means that every ounce of hate, beatings and discrimination that my generation and the ones before us didn't suffer and fight so hard in vain. I came out at the height of the aids epidemic in the eighties, much to many folks' horror. My generation lost family, friends, jobs and on and on.  For me every time someone has the courage to come out I thank those that came before me, the Stonewall Generation, they sacrificed so much in hopes of things like this. I have been with my husband for 18 years and yet that shocks folks - why? I don't react the same when you tell me how long you have been married, it shouldn't matter. I am proud of all the progress that has been made.  

More and more established families of same sex partners..some with children are surfacing. We are everywhere..and like any families in existence. Yet people react with shock hearing/reading/seeing it each time. It never ceases to amaze me. The MEDIA needs to do more, individuals need to bravely boast or be public.

Eventually all will understand....eventually....slowly....some day some where out there.....

That's the way everyone's life should be....private.

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