Matt Bomer Plays A Transgender Sex Worker In 'Anything': First Look

Matt Bomer portrays a transgender sex worker opposite John Carroll Lynch in Anything, directed by Timothy McNeil and we've got our first look!

According to Deadline:

The story centers on Early Landry (Lynch), who after losing his wife is forced to move to Los Angeles so he can be cared for by his over-protective sister (Maura Tierney), but escapes her clutches to start a new life in Hollywood. He quickly becomes enamored by his neighbor, Freda (Matt Bomer). His loneliness and need for companionship opens his heart to a remarkable new relationship, but their growing affection must be reconciled with the complexity of their disparate backgrounds. Melora Hardin, Micah Hauptman and Margot Bingham also star.

Thoughts on this first look?

Anything has its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday at 3 PM at the Arclight Cinema in Santa Monica.


(H/T: Towleroad)



You know, I think Matt Bomer is both insanely attractive and talented.  He has carried at least one TV show, and is looking to carry another on Amazon.  I'm sure he can take on the challenge of this role with the utmost dignity.  That being said, I have heard a lot of pushback from the transgender community.  Justifiably so, I might add.  Why are cisgender actors still cast in these roles when there is a large pool of talented trans-actors and actresses that could fill these roles?  It also makes me wonder why there is so little pushback from the gay press and the gay community in general when a great gay or lesbian role is given yet again to a straight actor or actress.  Either no one raises any concern or we continue to hear the cliched "It shouldn't matter" or "It should go to the best actor."  blah blah blah  It really is no wonder why so many celebrities stay in the closet.

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