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Matt Bomer Talks 'The Normal Heart' Weight Loss & Chemistry w/ Mark Ruffalo

​ ​It's almost here! HBO's film adaptation of The Normal Heart directed by Ryan Murphy premieres on Sunday, May 25!

Matt Bomer, who plays closeted New York Times reporter Felix Turner, spoke to Vulture about his dramatic weight-loss and its impact on his family and explores his relationship with co-star and on-screen love interest Mark Ruffalo!

From Vulture:

How do you weigh something like the weight loss and the separation against the toll it might take on your family?
Well, we definitely prepared our kids really early on, before I even started losing weight. I spoke with a professional who told me how to relay it to them in language they could really understand, and they were great about it. Maybe it’s a luxury of having all boys, who are like “Yeah! Go!” You know, it’s like they were my cheering squad. And I remember, at one point I had lost 25 or 30 pounds and I came home, and it’s such a testament to childhood imagination, because they were like, “Oh, I thought you were going to be skinnier than that.” And I was like, “Hey, I’m working here!” But they were really great about it, and understanding. I think that our oldest son, who tends to be a caretaker, said at one point, “When are you going to get to eat pancakes with me again?” But that was about as difficult as it seemed to get for them.

You've got some great chemistry with Mark Ruffalo in this film.
I mean, Mark is just a dream to work with, and I’m sure if you search through the annals of all the actors who have been interviewed about what it’s like to work with Mark Ruffalo, they all say the same thing. When you get to be a part of something like this, it’s so much bigger than who you are that you just try to put your ego behind you and serve the story — and Mark got that from day one. He was so collaborative and open. You know, when you’re working with a celebrity of that stature, the ball’s always in their court to extend the olive branch and make you feel comfortable and welcome in the world. And from day one, he really related to me. We just related to each other in character the whole time … I mean, we weren’t holding hands in between takes, but we would snuggle on the couch or hang out or tell stories.

Head over to Vulture for Matt's full interview!  Are you looking forward The Normal Heart on Sunday, Instincters??



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Could Matt Bomer be anymore excruciatingly handsome, AND talented?!!  

"Snuggle on the couch"... I wanna see lotsa pics (or video) of that, as much as the movie!

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